What's the best AC Game?

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User Info: dave_is_slick

4 years ago#31
Of the choices, 2, no contest. Like, not even remotely close. My true favorite? Brotherhood.
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User Info: wilsonbdarnit

4 years ago#32
obviously #2

User Info: traveltheory

4 years ago#33
X195 posted...
The jump in quality from 1 to 2 was absurdly higher, but it's undeniable AC3 was the superior game in every aspect. Aside from the story which, of course, is opinion-dependable, but in that regard I also believe it is superior, though not by much, as AC2's story was superb.

Whether someone sees quality in something is opinion dependable, whether or not it has actual quality is not. There are standards for things like character development, pacing, believable writing,etc.

These things have been around for centuries, its not fresh news. Same thing goes for music and film. There is an actual correct way to review the technicalities of all things

User Info: wilsonbdarnit

4 years ago#34
"There is an actual correct way to review the technicalities of all things"

yup yup!

User Info: veggie530

4 years ago#35
Brotherhood, LOL

User Info: veggie530

4 years ago#36
Honestly, when I turned off the HUD in AC1 and really sank my teeth into the game... I liked it more than any other.

User Info: z_cherub

4 years ago#37
Rempha posted...
not this one.

I thought that the controls in AC2 were bad, they're a complete joke in this game, i wish i could swear on this site, purely so that people could know just how mind-bogglingly frustrating it is to play this P.O.S. that they charged SO much for.

ESPECIALLY in when it comes to combat, sure the stealth stuff is better and they've added some guns and a boat, but the hand to hand/combat system is a serious step down in my opinion, i can not tell you how many times in the last 2 days alone ive tried to COUNTER an attack and accidentally ended up picking up a dead enemies weapon or sometimes even the dead guy himself, which in turn causes me to get slashed and hacked by the 3-4 enemies surrounding me during this weapons change, and then another 2-3 times while changing back to the weapon i actually friggen want to use..

Then there's the fiasco with the horses. Why %$&^(*& bother?! you cant ride them through the wilderness, cause every second step you take you run into a tree or a rock, you cant ride them on a road because theres people all over the place and if you run them down you get the notoriety mete up to full, you cant ride them in the city for the same damn reason.

now that those are out of the way, lets get to my REAL problem with this game, assassins creed 2, Ezio has a wrist gun, that can hold and fire 6 bullets without needing to be reloaded, but now, 300years give or take later, it takes me 20seconds to fire a single damn shot at an enemy? then i have to reload which takes another 30seconds? what they've kept all the other records on the assassins weapons but lost just that ONE? no. sorry stupid inconsistency and I hate it, you should too.

Truth be told I'm not even finished the game yet, i'm only 16% into the main story and i SERIOUSLY cannot imagine myself wanting to play it much longer.

I didn't have a huge problem, & I'm slightly farther than 16% (at 100% lol). The horses are annoying, but the rest is you, bro.
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User Info: darkdawnee

4 years ago#38
Okay, a new thread with Bro-hood and Revz included:

i like frogs
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