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User Info: Lo_Key90

5 years ago#1
This is blowing my mind but am I honestly supposed to run around all of boston, new york & the frontier aimlessly to plant pivots to find more pivots? And I have to do this in some sort of time limit too but I can only plant them where I stand? o_O This idea seems really stupid to me is why I ask.
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User Info: yorost

5 years ago#2
The only hard one is when you have 3 pivots. Do this. Plant two pivots a few seconds running distance apart in the middle of the map (Concord fast travel in the Frontier). Look at the zone the pivot is in and put the third pivot in that region, creating a small triangle. This will give you a cone to work with. Now just keep running down the middle of that cone, and occasionally place a new pivot to split it in half and narrow your zone. Just keep repeating this, and removing the pivots from the back if you need more. If you even have to backtrack you'll have a very small piece to search, otherwise you end up just running from the center of the map outwards. It will get narrow enough that as long as you keep running outwards you will see the pivot you're search for on your mini map. Even on the frontier, you find them very quickly.

I hated the pivots, though. They clearly weren't thinking about players that are pretty much at 100% at the conclusion of the game. To plat the game I had to just leave the game idle for 2-3 hours while periodically looking fi there was a new pivot. Rather stupid, if it hadn't been the only thing I was short of for platinum I would have skipped it.

User Info: Coontemptus

5 years ago#3
That's because you don't understand it, there isn't any running around randomly. You put the pivots down, and the pivot you are looking for is in the highlighted section.

Just split the map into corners, then pie pieces, then keep cutting that down to size by placing pivots.
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