Abstergo story in multiplayer

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User Info: cuni86

5 years ago#1
I'm stuck on three challenges in the abstergo story line. I've looked everywhere to find answers, but can't find any. They are using wipe to counter a ranged weapon, a bomb, or teleport. Second teleporting across the frontier, and taunting someone across the frontier.
Thanks in advance.

User Info: KazuoMitarashi

5 years ago#2
Teleporting across the frontier means in a team match, teleport from your white safe area to the enemies red area. You have to cross the boundary. Same goes for Taunting across the frontier. You have to taunt someone who is on the other side of the boundary.
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User Info: CharpandaV1

5 years ago#3
The wipe one is tricky.

Don't bother trying to counter a ranged weapon, you'll rarely do so. Try to focus on stopping teleport. Soon as you hear the teleport sound, throw down wipe.
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