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User Info: Valeika

4 years ago#1
Will someone please tell me the RULES to this game? Because it seems that every faq/walkthrough on the internet is ignorant enough to say "it doesn't matter if you win or lose".

Well la-dee-da, I'm well aware it doesn't matter, but that's not the point. I REFUSE to play any game of any kind with out knowing how. As much as people want to criticize this game, it's my favourite in the series thus far. But until I can find the rules to this infuriating mini-game that Ubisoft and Google refuse to tell me, I will not continue and yes I'm that stubborn.

I've read another thread where it was asked, but people were debating without actually ANSWERING the question or saying "it's on the left side of the screen"... THEN WHY AM I HERE?! Because it's not! So please, if not the rules, at least give me the NAME of the game so I have something new for the search engine.

Please and thank you. I'm not a fan on internet rants, but I find it ridiculous the AI asks if you know the rules then just assumes you do.

User Info: JSCaspian

4 years ago#2's_Morris

I believe that's it. You could find people to play with in taverns (indicated by a dice icon on your map) throughout the frontier and cities or in the tavern on your homestead.
"I love criticism just so long as it's unqualified praise." Noel Coward

User Info: Valeika

4 years ago#3
Thank you so much!

May the father of understanding permit everything where nothing is true.

User Info: Valeika

4 years ago#4
... I gotta make that my signature. Except *when sounds better.
May the Father of Understanding permit everything when nothing is true.

User Info: Nar_Garzhvog

4 years ago#5
Valeika posted...
... I gotta make that my signature. Except *when sounds better.

I do like that signature.
Have a nice day
--- Garzhvog

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