This game puts me to sleep.

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  3. This game puts me to sleep.

User Info: najzere

4 years ago#11
Don't worry TC it gets better later on, when you take the disc out of your system.

User Info: karankhosla

4 years ago#12
From: Groudon_Uzamaki | #001
I literally can't get into the plot. I have loved and been immersed in every game except this one.

Watch Episode 298 instead, the fight and story is getting much much better there!

User Info: Pootbird

4 years ago#13
Sleep, go to sleep...
Just lay down your weary head...
Dream, sweetly dream...
Think about tommorow instead
And don't you know..
That when you finally wake..
All of your dreams will come true...
So just close your eyes...
Listen to a sweet Lulaby..
Dream sweetly dreams...
Kiss today goodbye...
PSN: Goldengeartwo
Official smoke hater of the ACIII boards!
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  3. This game puts me to sleep.

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