Missable Artisans?

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User Info: the_ENEMY_

4 years ago#1
A few guides have mentioned that some artisans are missable if you progress too far in the story, is this true? It seems pretty awful that they would do this. I am on sequence 6 and only have 1 woodworker and have done all the homestead missions I have seen. I can't make any of the good stuff and I am getting a bit frustrated.

User Info: dotsnacker

4 years ago#2
They can't be missed(unless a glitch occurs or something. >..>)

Some people have experienced issues getting the homestead missions to appear for them however. If you DO experience something like that(I happened to experience it a couple of times), I recommend doing the following:

1 - Look for any interactive conversations available in the homestead, frontier, and other areas. Sometimes I needed to have a conversation for more homestead missions to open up(although I think you only need to see the ones in your homestead, I think it's best to be on the safe side.)

2 - Do the same with any homestead missions in all of those areas(or at least the areas that should have them in that sequence.) Sometimes you need to complete certain homestead missions before others become available.

3 - Move onto the next sequence if you can't find any more. Or, if one is supposed to appear during a specific sequence, then complete the next story mission and then look around for homestead missions+interactive conversations(I remember needing to do this for one of them.)

Don't worry too much about it. I went through a couple of sequences without doing any of them, and then went back to catch up and was able to do so without much trouble. Well, other than a small moment where I thought my game was glitched, only to find out that I needed to check out one of the interactive conversations. XD
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