Attenion! Please Attention! (END GAME SPOILERS)

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User Info: DemonReacher

4 years ago#1
"Colonel! Colonel, are you out there??!!"


"Yes my boy, im here. I understand my son. You are afraid it seems."

"Yes... oh yes colonel. I was so afraid. I was afraid not to ask you see. For you see, I too, am Those Who Came Before."

And then it was settled. For you see Those Who Came Before always knew Desmond would arive. Why, such a superior race that thought of technology that could let us gaze into the future, such a race with intelligence that could seriously build a physical object that allows them to understand the very fabric of the human race and time, could actually be so stupid as to not block solar flare with GIANT MIRROR!!

I mean, how on earth was this solar flare even prevented? We are fed 3 games worth 7 years (roughly I mean maybe 5 years of AC?), ok maybe 5 years worth of games telling us something big is going to go down and you best be around to buy the next one and find out!

And what happens then? Why, we have to buy DLC to find out that Lucy was a templar all along, and that one of the main characters, who was present through 3 games and was building a serious relationship with the main protagonist, got killed for reasons discussed in the DLC of a second rate game. Why I have many friends who didnt buy ACB or ACR cuz they thut they would get their moneys worth in AC3.

And what will they get?. Just a half assed convo about how Desmond saw the future and chose to kill Lucy.

Such a dissapointment.
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User Info: kazamasogetsu88

4 years ago#2
Ahem! I'm a physics teacher in real life. What you say would be true only if a solar flare was just an eruption of light. Which it isn't!!! There is light and heat and a lot more particles. If a solar flare was to attain Earth, the sole heat would vaporise it, a mirror would just melt! Don't misjudge Ubisoft to be silly enough to miss something that simple

User Info: delta_12

4 years ago#3
I am genuinely shock. I should rent this game in the first place if i know i have to buy DLC for those stupid explanation.

Btw like the teacher above me said, I agree, ubisoft not that stupid. Because IMO They managed to pull an EA and Capcom stunts to milk more coins from gamers.
Regarding to why such an advanced race couldn't prevent solar flare but one bartender could, with no disrespect for bartending profesion, IMO they writer did a lame story.

User Info: Daniel_R_C

4 years ago#4
From what i understand, the only way to prevent the solar flare was to kill Desmond, then miraculously the flare disappears and don't happens. Or something like that, since they make it so confusing so to make it look like something really important is going on.
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User Info: CharpandaV1

4 years ago#5
Meh. It was close enough to a giant mirror.

It was like a global auroral shield, correct?
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User Info: DemonReacher

4 years ago#6
Which just flipflapped out of nothing.
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