New York Assassin's Bug

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User Info: dibz88

4 years ago#1
Okay.. I liberated the two zones.. Did all the liberate missions.. Talked to the two contacts.. Got both assassins..

Now when I look on the map under logbook or w/e.. in Liberate Missions and such..

it shows another liberate mission in new york where i am 3/3 complete on everything..

Yet when I look on map it only shows 2 zones.. So where is there a 3rd liberate here.. And if so.. Is that the last assassin you recruit to make 6?

It just shows that i have completed all the missions on it but there is no talk to contact option or w/e.. This must be for the final assassin in the next sequence? Does more of new york open up?

Just wondering what I am missing...

It says New York North - Rationing

I haven't fully explored the entire north of new york.. Does that talk to contact option not show available because I have to explore an area of the map that is hidden up there?

I would think it would display..

Are there 3 assassins to be recruited from new york? Like in boston??

Any information on this would be appreciated, thanks..

User Info: dibz88

4 years ago#2
According to this link here..

"After completing the Liberation missions you'll need to find Deborah "Dobby" Carter. Some have reported there's a bug that her Liberation Mission icon disappears. She's located in the Northwest area of New York North District almost on the corner of the furthest northwestern road. "

I am going to try that map and see if she appears when i get there.. it doesn't even list talk to contact on the rationing mission so.. if she isn't there I am screwed and cannot collect my last assassin... ac3 has SO MANY BUGS.. I thought the first one was bad.. ugh..

User Info: captpluto99

4 years ago#3
Yeah, she didn't appear on the map for me either. Just check Youtube for her location. She was there for me even though she's not on the map.

User Info: dibz88

4 years ago#4
Yep I went to that location and the contact was there.. I just had to reveal that part of the map..

Just odd how talk to contact doesn't even come up on the mission like all the others did.

User Info: MyMentorSnake

4 years ago#5
Sync more places in the area, then it will pop up.
"In your haste to save the world, take care that you do not destroy it"

User Info: hunter_7289

4 years ago#6
I hate being disappointed.
I come in to this topic thinking there was some assassin bug in New York.
Maybe fighting Templar spiders or some other thing, but once again I am fool.
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