So it's confirmed- Desmonds story ends in this game.

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  3. So it's confirmed- Desmonds story ends in this game.

User Info: WonIt5Times

5 years ago#1

Wasn't really much of a surprise, as Ubisoft has hinted it in the past years. But I hope there will be spin-offs from this game, as I want to know more about America in the 16-1700s
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User Info: G-Scythe

5 years ago#2
They will probably bring out Desmond's cousin out of no where to continue the Conner story
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User Info: FelixFelicis

5 years ago#3
We pretty much knew this would end Desmond's story,

But Desmond's story is mostly about the 2012 cataclysm. The Assassins and Templars will most likely continue to exist and fight beyond that.
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User Info: Dr_Mojo

5 years ago#4
Good. Desmond's story is lame and uninteresting.

User Info: Liwakip

5 years ago#5
Bad. Desmond's story is cool and interesting.

User Info: DefiningFactor

5 years ago#6
Mediocre. Desmond's story was hit and miss
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User Info: pennydemon

5 years ago#7
Blasphemous. Desmond's story transcends human labels and descriptions.
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User Info: The_Octavarium

5 years ago#8
Abominable. Desmond's story is a violation of all that is good.
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User Info: Roanark

5 years ago#9

Wasn't that confirmed at the first game? That it would be a trilogy?

I KNOW it was stated by the second game...

User Info: Hyper_JiggleDin

5 years ago#10
Yeah i am pretty sure Assassins Creed was originally penciled in to be a trilogy. The great success lead to some extra spin offs XD

We'll want more...
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  3. So it's confirmed- Desmonds story ends in this game.

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