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User Info: godFORBIDjelly

4 years ago#1
Anyone done this quest yet? Guy told me to track the bears footsteps and I've been searching for nearly an hour and a half around the entire campsite in and out of Eagle Vision and have yet to see a single footsteps.
gmrtag~ A Red Werewolf

User Info: godFORBIDjelly

4 years ago#2
gmrtag~ A Red Werewolf

User Info: Al_Madjus

4 years ago#3
yes, and no....

I found the tracks near the river, there's a few more places (blood stains mainly) that show up during tracking, one is a small camp sort of up on a hill.

I'm having issues and been trying to find the fix for it. I can track the bear to a cave near a waterfall, and it tells me to find a way to lure him out.... I can't do anything that works a that point. tried being a dead guy, a knocked out guy, tossing bait, just plain hiding and nothing will work. guessing it's glitched or else I'm missing something completely.

User Info: speedbumpX

4 years ago#4
You need to pick up the first corpse encountered on way down into the cave. Carry it down and put it in the center of the cave a little deeper. Dropping it on pile of bloody bones. Can't recall if you then have to hide in leaves nearby or not.

User Info: Al_Madjus

4 years ago#5
I kinda thought that, and did try it but nothing happened. I might try it again and mess with the placement of the guy some. on another note, there seems to be an insane amount of bears that spawn there, not sure if its normal or not. (like 20-25 in maybe 10 minutes of tinkering with the quest) not complaining though, good money for my convoys

User Info: Sw1tchBlade

4 years ago#6
After you accept the mission a hunting society icon (its a bear footprint or something) should show up on the north side of the map. When you get to the marker you should see a clue on the ground somewhere, and then you enter the nearby cave and lure out the bear using the first corpse you encounter by dropping it a bit further into the cave. The bear should then come out and you can kill it.
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User Info: dalestars

4 years ago#7
hi guys, rite the way to do this is. 1st check first blood splatter, 2nd go up to the camp check blood splatter, then next on the rock. rite the green mission cirlcle will vanish. (dont know why), dont take any notice. go over the river to front of cave . (litteratly across from camp) use trees if you want, (you dont take body from camp!!!). if you do it this way the body you use is inside the cave, just around the corner not the soldier, drop the body hide in foilage get a good drop on bear that way, hope this helps cause this done my head in.

User Info: Blade2173

4 years ago#8
After I got the mission I didn't get any new markers showing up on my map, so I have no idea where to begin. Pointers?
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User Info: batmanfan69

4 years ago#9
Where am I to drop the soldier? He's already inside the cave, near thebones, and even if I move him, no bear appears. Help?

User Info: mr_umaro

4 years ago#10
there are two dead soldiers in the cave, one near a haybale and one near the entrance. get rid of the one near the haybale, and bring the one closer to the entrance into the cave. for some reason taht attracts the bear. no idea why.

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