So.. who else hates connor?

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User Info: fatdonnae

5 years ago#1
He is by far the worst protagonist of all of the AC games. I wish he had died.

User Info: MoonTaLoo

5 years ago#2
This thread already exists.

User Info: haterstotheleft

5 years ago#3
He's better than Altair.

User Info: xstrudel

5 years ago#4
haterstotheleft posted...
He's better than Altair.

There was this one time the Turians tried to wipe out our entire race. That was fun.

User Info: awsomemanspiff

5 years ago#5
they are kinda hard to compare when all three of them are completely different in character.

altair: the born into assassins assassin.

Ezio: the suave ladys man set on revenge but later come to realize what his purpose is.

Connor: the man out for revenge and freedom.
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User Info: SalOmega

5 years ago#6
Eh, I don't hate the guy but I do believe he is hopelessly naive. His answer to just about everything is "Oh let him go, if we just kill him he won't learn anything." I like his father's "Tell me what I want then kill you anyway" way about things even less but I still prefer a little realism instead of Connor's hopeful optimism. -shrug-
"This is what happens when you spend too much time hugging things, Sire." -Gnarl

User Info: ALLENO31

5 years ago#7
if you want to join the Bar With No Name just PM me :)

User Info: StaticPenguin

5 years ago#8
xstrudel posted...
haterstotheleft posted...
He's better than Altair.


Altair was pretty boring in AC1. Revelations made him cooler.
I named him Waggleton P. Tallylicker. I never got the chance to tell him. He will be remembered. ~ Grayson Hunt

User Info: lastfirstborn

5 years ago#9
I feel like they're setting it up for more sequels like with Ezio. Altair started off brash, and while he only saw one other sequel game (on psp) we see over the course of his life how he ends up.

Same for Ezio, he was a playboy loudmouth that didn't have many cares in the world at first. But by the end of his story, he's pretty amazing. And after several games and a few videos we see a lot of growth in him.

Connor is likely going to be the same way, though maybe they'll mix up his ending and make things darker (at the end of his entire life I mean). I haven't beaten the game yet so I dunno, but it seems there's room for him to be an optimist, a neutral party, a cold killer, and then finally come to support the Brotherhood in every way. I don't know if the Templars will let him take as many strides as Ezio before wiping their numbers down (before Desmond's time) but hey.

Agreed OP, I find myself smirking and almost groaning at some of Connor's ideals. At the same time, I like him.
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User Info: guildclaws

5 years ago#10
No but after SPOILER.

he changes his Hair to a disgusting Mohawk and keep his Hood down yes.
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