Privateer Mission - Hunting Orpheus Optional Mission

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User Info: Moperyman88

4 years ago#1
Anyone have any advise on how to easily get the powder supplies to appear? 10-15 tries and I'm at a loss.

User Info: Solid Snake 89

Solid Snake 89
4 years ago#2
I'd like to know this too. I can get the men of war but orpheus I can't get it to show a weak spot at all. Try MANY MANY times and nothing.

User Info: JediBoB101

4 years ago#3
Bump for I too would like help
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User Info: Curate

4 years ago#4
Use Standard shot and aim to hit only partial broadsides, else you're liable to sink them before the weak points appear.

I don't know if they have locational damage or not, but the only weak points I've seen are located at the bow quarter and stern quarter, so try not to land hits at midship.

It's an unreliable system, but I've found I can get it more often than not by just aiming to land like 5-10 shots out of the 20-30-something that are fired. Staying at half sail and turning hard while firing seems to help avoid full broadsides.

User Info: True_Rune

4 years ago#5
This is what I did, and it made it so much easier than trying to shoot them in the proper spot.(cuz i always ended up doing just a bit TOO much damage to the last one...

Ram them, not head on, not t-boning them....but at an angle on the front side(as you are both going the same-ish direction...) worked like a charm. Didn't fire a single shot.
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User Info: Nogarda

4 years ago#6
it feels like this is nigh impossible with a maxed out Aquila. The only tip for offer here, it to change to chain cannon, an disable the masts of each ship, a safe distance from the others. then once they are 'downed', go back to regular cannon, then get the tip of the bow (front part) inside your cannon line, then let loose until the weak spot appears. don't nuke the ship with the cannon though as it will simply sink it. the man o' war ship is by far the easiest, as you approach from a diagonal angle, and it can't hit you and you can get this one, the others are harder, because for me, i can simply ram them into the seabed, or i just out right sink them, the most i've ever got on this is 2 so far. but if you haven't maxxed the ship out, i see that logically working.

edit: this works to the letter i had just been aiming to much into their broadside, just aim on the bow, and it works, slow but works.
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User Info: PaperLink546

4 years ago#7
This mission gave me a lot of trouble with the weak spots not appearing. The way I fixed it was following what Nogarda said about disabling the ships with chain shot and then doing what True Rune said and ramming them at half speed on the front of the ship at an angle. The ships aren't moving and made it so much easier to aim the ram correctly. This made the weakness appear 3 out 3 tries.

I did weaken them a little with the swivel cannons as I got into route to ram and I also had the ramming upgrade. If I would have to say what angle of entry I used I would say that if you face the enemy ship towards 90 degrees, I came in at about 75 or 80 degrees.

I hope this helps someone as the other posts helped me immensely.

User Info: Triple_C_S

4 years ago#8
on top of all this, I found that you can ram the middle of the 3 ships head on right away when you encounter them and it won't sink...i believe it may be the orpheus and a little stronger than the other 2 ships...anyways, a quick way to get 1 of the 3 knocked out.

User Info: RHelgDrez

4 years ago#9
I finally did this last night. This worked for me, and will definitely work for you (it's not the only way, and it takes rather long, but I believe it is the "safest" way).

Oh and not that it matters, but my ship was fully upgraded at this point. But other than the armor, that's not very relevant for my strategy:

1) Kill the first five small ships (I used swivel guns and grape shot, but swivel guns alone will work).

2) Dodge the wave.

3). Approach the three men-of-war and disable their masts with the chain shot. Make sure all three are dead in the water.

4) Approach the bow of each enemy ship (the front side of the ship). Using ROUND shot, hit the bow two or three times full on. Do a full broadside barrage at their bow. You can even stop at their bow if you want and do this. The current may carry you, but otherwise they shouldn't even be able to attack you from that position (unless another disabled ship is in firing range).

5) After 2-3 shots, you should see white circles indicating the powder reserves are exposed. Target one of the circles with your swivel gun and fire.

It takes much longer this way, but better to take long and do it once than repeat it a dozen times because you keep sinking the other ships.

By the way, next to the tackle mission this is a contender for "most frustrating" and "dumbest" optional objective ever.

Ramming might also work, but it's not as "safe" an option. Too much speed and you can destroy the other ship. The round shot does a static amount of damage so you can rely on the 2-3 shots not killing the enemy ship as long as you are hitting it fully and only firing at the bow.

User Info: Mr_Meatymeat

4 years ago#10
I feel like hitting ONE ship's powder reserves would have been enough of a challenge. All 3 is ridiculous.
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