Anyone else <3 Haytham?

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User Info: Master_Norris69

5 years ago#1
He is like the James Bond of the Assassins Creed saga.

User Info: IndyBoy180

5 years ago#2
I thought he was a pretty BA dude and very suave for the first three sequences.
GT: Blitzrules240

User Info: theBridgeburner

5 years ago#3
I only wish he was the main protagonist, instead of Connor.

User Info: BipBapBam

5 years ago#4
Yup. I liked him way more than Connor.

User Info: manila2k1

5 years ago#5
He had more personality than his son, I agree.
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User Info: xphoenixonx

5 years ago#7
GT-Jake Muller91
Chuck needs a season 6 or movie people who agree: 0

User Info: Pyrochica

5 years ago#8
He was awesome, but his death was total fail. Apparently he thought choking was a good idea, doesn't use hidden blades even when he has 2.....

User Info: haterstotheleft

5 years ago#9
Cool spoiler warnings, guys...
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  3. Anyone else <3 Haytham?

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