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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#11
From: guy123killa | Posted: 11/6/2012 8:59:08 PM | #010
I dont even get what I'm supposed to do?

Pretty much this, the explanation was pretty awful.
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User Info: EVOLUTION117

4 years ago#12
Posted this in another topic:

Okay, I'll try so simplify this as much as possible.

-Collect Pivots to unlock Animus Hacks (Cheats basically).

-You are given 3 Pivots at the start of Free Roam Post Storyline.

-Every 15 Minutes, you will be notified that a Pivot has appeared somewhere in one of the cities, the Frontier or the Homestead.

-You must use 3 pivots to triangulate the area where this latest Pivot can be found.

-To find a Pivot you must go to a point as Connor, then select the Pivot option from your Map Screen and place a Pivot on the map. Do this two more times to create a Triangle between the pivots and indicate the area where the Pivot can be found.

(N.B. You cannot simply place Pivots using the Map, you must go to the location as Connor First)

-The Search area will be highlighted if a Pivot is hidden with in it.

-For instance, let's say you were looking for a Pivot in Boston.

1) Go to the Northern most point and place a Pivot, then do the same at the Southern most point.

2) Next place your third Pivot at the eastern most point. If the section of the map is highlighted, then a Pivot is in that area. If not, take the 3rd Pivot and place it at the Western most point.

3) Once your search area is highlighted, you then move the Pivots closer to each other, continuing to decrease the search area where the Pivot is hidden. Once you feel it is small enough, go find that Pivot.

Or you could forget all this Triangulation nonsense and just play the game as normal, doing any sidequests you missed and you might get lucky with finding a Pivot. I have twice already.
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User Info: lastfirstborn

4 years ago#13
Man, I feel like the more of this cloud/unknown party stuff comes up, the less we'll see of people in the modern times. I feel like I'm one of the only people in the world that like Desmond, a modern Brotherhood vs. Templar story, or a fighting Juno story. I still want history and to delve into other places as other people, but I sincerely hope that Desmond and crew aren't over. The Cloud synching sounds like they may be able to change things and that we won't need them, but I at least want a proper send off.

Also, thanks up there for clarifying the pivot thing. I figured that's how it worked but didn't want to take time to test it. Good to know that's exactly how to do it, and that I can just find some hidden points in the world while mopping up club missions.
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User Info: DarkWolves88

4 years ago#14
collecting all the Pivots: press start (or whatever button you use to bring up the menu to resume/look at different choices (options) go into Options, go to the bottom were it says: Animus Hack. you can now make yourself a god
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