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Hair Accessory

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User Info: BaigTM

4 years ago#1
I need two of these for a delivery quest and just can't seem to craft them. I have collected all of the chests and tried crafting wigs and hats to see if it wanted those instead but am not having any luck. Anyone know where I can find these?

User Info: some-body

4 years ago#2
Buy wool to make sewing thread.

Use the sewing thread with a deer tail to make a hair accessory. I don't know where to find this recipe, but you must have the tailor to make it

User Info: zerozedi

4 years ago#3
Buy the chest maps and find them all you should get most if not all of the recipes from that.

User Info: BaigTM

4 years ago#4
I've already found all the chests and never got this recipie. Luckily it let me input it manually.

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