*Official* If you are new to the series DO NOT PLAY revelations

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User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#31
Jackalfox posted...
dillpickle69 posted...
BerserkLeon posted...
The crappiest, most annoying AC by far was the PSP title. (wait.. wasn't there a cellphone one too? that was probably worse)

You, my friend, have obviously never played the DS/Iphone games

I can't vouch for Altair's Chronicles, but Discovery was much, much better than Bloodlines.

You've never play Chronicles?
You lucky son of a gun
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User Info: Gobey6

4 years ago#32
I wouldn't say don't play it... If anything skip the first one... But I will say that revelations did not immerse me the way AC2 did or grip me with it's story like brotherhood did... I kinda ended up just forcing myself to finish it and then didn't bother completing any side missions or just free roam after like I did with AC2 and brotherhood... I also was probably must burnt out on the series at that point too... It's setting and plot felt rather uninspired and confusing too... I put it on par or slightly above the first game in terms of ranking... Although AC1 had a much cooler setting and plot.

But it revelations still plays excellently and here's where it trumps AC1... Gameplay was largely the same from brotherhood but with added ease of travel due to parachutes and the hook blade... And experimenting with bombs was really fun... I liked throwing blood bombs on crowds and watching everybody freak... And old ezio was always cool to see.

The tower defense thing was ok a few times but you can honestly get through the whole game without ever having to play it because it was so hard to yet your notoriety up high enough to trigger it.

All in all if you're new to the series and decide you like it enough to try the other games I'd get AC 2 and brotherhood... And then if those games hook you as much as they did me... You'll want to play revelations anyway if only for the fact that it's more quality assassins creed gameplay... It's just not the shining star of the series...
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User Info: Loveunit

4 years ago#33
I liked Ezio, so I didn't really mind revelations. So I don't think people shouldn't play it. But it's not the right game to start with if you're new to the AC series. You won't understand a thing :p

User Info: EternalDahaka

4 years ago#34
I enjoyed Revelations quite a bit. The story might have been a little bland, just for the fact that you were just the princes errand boy, but the city was incredible and there were a decent amount of side missions.

dedbus posted...
First time I killed someone in AC2: I was like "what is this it." Where was the moral ambiguity and intrigue?

Couldn't say it any better. Most assassinations in the games other than AC1 and seemed hollow. Glad AC3 made them matter again.

Pure_LionHeart posted...
. . . .setting and the like, Revelations would be the worst, sure.

Constantinople was awesome. Far better than all of AC2's cities, with the exception of Venice in my opinion.

User Info: OhGood

4 years ago#35
i personally loved Assassins Creed 1 and i honestly wonder how many of you actually played it. It lived up to the Assassin in the Assassins Creed title. Every mission was an assassination, and the evolution of Altairs character was done extremely well.

A lot of people forget that AC1 was released when the new consoles were extremely new, so of course it doesn't have the same wow factor of the sequels, but it was done extremely well.

And at the time, no one had any idea that AC1 was set in modern times, all the details leading up to release led everyone to believe that the middle east was the only setting. No one even had the slightest hint about the pieces of eden or anything like that.

I imagine if you play the others and then go back to the first game it feels like a signifigant downgrade. But how the game was set up was done magnificently.
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User Info: AlexFili

4 years ago#36
I don't understand why people hate Revelations. It's an amazing game. You have better assassin missions, a great storyline, a beautiful city. What's not to love?!
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