Best way to make money?

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User Info: Dude_bag

5 years ago#1
I wants lots of money, what is the best way to raise money in this game?

User Info: UnamedSoldier0o

5 years ago#2
Hunt bears, sell the pelts on a convoy. Obviously the more you clear out the route (lower threat & taxes) the more money you make. Also, craft the upgrade to make the convoys hold more so you can make much more money. If you can't get that upgrade yet don't bother, you don't need money that early.

User Info: Rycyyn

5 years ago#3
Beaver pelts are also worth a good amount. With only six slots on a convoy I can make 2500-3300 depending on the merchant.
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User Info: EnzoF66057

5 years ago#4
I'm in Sequence 7 right now with approx. 41k. Part of this is because I spend way too much time hunting and on the frontier. Having said that...

Like the other guys said, Bear and Beaver pelts are you best bet for making tons of money quick. Increase your carrying capacity in the convoy and you'll be rolling in money.

Interesting thing about hunting in this game, when you do it enough, you realize it's not random at all. Certain areas spawn animals like clock work...on a constant loop.

If you want to farm bears, go to the west most point in Packanack (somewhere around the small waterfall that goes into a small river area). Like I said, as west as you can go and you'll be amazed at how many bears you see. In one sitting there (about 15 or 20 mins of messing around) I probably killed at least 10 - 15 bears.

Just north of that (I think Diamond Basin), there is an area on the map that looks like a few small pools of water with land intertwined between them. It's a small marshland area and you can find plenty of beavers there also.

User Info: EnzoF66057

5 years ago#5
Almost forgot...

If you want a quick and easy way to farm small animals, set a bunch of snares in a grouping vaguely like a circle. Throw your bait in between the snares and maybe in the center. I usually do this near some bushes where I can just hide out and see to it that the game doesn't vanish any of my catches.

The key is to also do it in a place where there's a good amount of critter traffic. Black Creek is LOADED with hares, not to mention elk and bobcats everywhere you turn.

You'll be amazed how well this works. I've set all 10 of my snares with this technique and caught something in each one within about 2 mins of waiting there. Combine this with an area full of hares, raccoon, AND beavers, and it's a solid way to make easy money when you turn it around at the general store or on convoys.

User Info: DeadManFloating

5 years ago#6
The bear spot I believe is where you get the hunting mission to kill a bear. So if you have trouble finding it, you can wait till that mission to help you. Really sucked cause I had a full inventory so didn't get any skins from there at the time, didn't realize it.
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User Info: yoda101280

5 years ago#7
Didn't fully read all the replies here but I did see the convoy option mentioned, in case it wasn't added just wanted to say Naval Convoy is the best option for that. A lot of people are suggesting hunting locations, while that is great you don't even really need to hunt to make good profits selling with convoy. Once you've unlocked the artisans and they produce those furs you can buy from them and sell them on convoy at a profit. Right now bear furs cost me 240 pounds but I can sell them for like 1240 so that's a 1k profit per fur, beaver furs as well, they don't sell for as much as bear fur but the profit margin is just as wide.

Hunting will allow you to make more money as you can control the supply of your furs better. I'm just starting to play around with it but from what I can tell you can only buy a certain amount from your artisans. Basically they have a stock and after you buy so much it takes time for them to replenish it. Hunting is only limited by how many animals you can trap and the short respawn on some animals. But if you don't want to spend lots of time huntnig you can still make good money just buying low and selling high and then whatever you get from hunting on the side you can supplement with that, which is basically what I'm doing.

One thing, if you want to use the naval option you'll have to clear your trade route doing naval missions first. The default risk rate for your convoy being attacked is 80%, You can drop it down to 5% by doing the naval missions along the trade route where you're sending your goods. Naval missions seem fairly easy but if it's something you just hate doing then naval convoy probably won't be a good option for you as you'll likely lose your stuff if you don't clear the route.

User Info: FrozenHELL78

5 years ago#8
all along the southern river in the homestead is beaver city. just run up and down the banks until you get bored stabbing them in the back of their necks. completely safe as well as no hostile forces are in the least to my knowledge up til sequence 8.

its basically infinite money because they respawn by the time you trek down the banks and up the other.
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User Info: SkaFrost89

5 years ago#9
You can make 10000 to 12k if you send a full navy convoy with bear pelt to louisberg
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User Info: H8RzGonnaH8

5 years ago#10
Dude_bag posted...
I wants lots of money, what is the best way to raise money in this game?

The method i use is trading spirits on the naval convoy w/upgrades. They sell about 1000 a piece if you find the right sailor or merchant. Hope this works for you guys. P.S. I think you trade it off to augustine.
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