How To Level Up Your Artisans [Guide]

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User Info: AethonWarrior

5 years ago#1
As you progress through Assassin’s Creed 3, you’ll be able to gain levels for the collected craftsman in your Homestead, helping you make new crafted items and upgrades. But, to do so you’ll need to find almost every optional side-quest for these characters, often scattered around the world map in each sequence. It isn’t easy leveling all your workers, but the pay-off is worth it if you’re looking to reach those top-tier crafting upgrades. Below, we’ll tell you just what order you’ll need to level-up your artisans.

How to Level-Up Artisans

More updates incoming as we play through Assassin’s Creed 3.
•To level up artisans, you must complete their respective side-quests and events, which pop-up during each Sequence, starting with Sequence 05.
•Below, we’ll list in what order you’ll need to visit and complete each side-quest to gain artisan levels.
•Don’t forget, you’ll need to recruit every worker and artisan before they can begin gaining levels.

Side-quest Order

Note: While not all side-quests and events have prerequisites, many do. Follow this order to gain every level, but you’ll need to find every event. If any levels are missed, you risk being unable to continue with one or more workers and artisans.

Sequence 05

Note: After finishing the Lumberer’s Event, return to Achilles.
1.Lumberers (Lvl.1) [Summer Only]
2.Woodworker (Lvl.1)
3.Farmers (Lvl.1) [Frontier]
4.Lumberers (Lvl.2)

Sequence 06

Note: Talk to Achilles to begin the side-quest “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” but don’t worry about finishing until you’ve recruited every worker and artisan.

1.Lumberers (Lvl.3)
2.Farmers (Lvl.2) [Summer Only]
3.Huntress (Lvl.1)
4.Miner (Lvl.1) [Boston]
5.Huntress (Lvl.2)

Sequence 07

Note: After staying with the Innkeepers, you can begin Achilles’ side-quest here. You’ll also need to have started his Sequence 06 side-quest, but not completed.

1.Innkeepers (Lvl.1)
2.Miner (Lvl.2) [After Achilles' Side-Quest]
3.Lumberers (Lvl.4)
4.Farmers (Lvl.3)
5.Miner (Lvl.3)
6.Farmers (Lvl.4)

Sequence 08
1.Miner (Lvl.4)
2.Blacksmith (Lvl.1) [Frontier / Summer Only]

Sequence 09

Note: Achilles’ side-quest can be found in New York after completing these events.
1.Tailor (Lvl.1) [New York]
2.Priest (Lvl.1)
3.Doctor (Lvl.1)
4.Blacksmith (Lvl.2) [New York]
5.Huntress (Lvl.3)
6.Woodworker (Lvl.2) [Boston]
7.Tailor (Lvl.2)
8.Tailor (Lvl.3)
9.Priest (Lvl.2)
10.Blacksmith (Lvl.3) [Boston / Summer Only]

Sequence 10
1.Doctor (Lvl.2)
2.Blacksmith (Lvl.4)
3.Woodworker (Lvl.3) [Boston]

Sequence 11
1.Doctor (Lvl.3)


Hope it helps! Just bringing you guys info. I'd much rather post it all here and give the link than just give you guys the link. This article is not mine all the cred goes to the OP I'm just bringing the info to you.
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User Info: AethonWarrior

5 years ago#2
Here's also some more info on the sequences and what you should do.

Sequence 5:
Sequence 5 will allow you to attain Lumberers, Woodworkers, Farmers, and also upgrade your Lumberer. You should return to Achilles after finishing the Lumberer’s event, after which you will be able to obtain these fellows.

You should try to get them during summer time though (when it’s not snowing), since some of these missions aren’t available in winter. The Farmer sidequest will be in the Frontier.

Sequence 6:
In Sequence 6, you can talk to Achilles to initiate the ‘Encyclopedia of the Common Man’ side quest. You should take your time and not worry about finishing it early.

In this sequence try to get the Lumberer to level up to 3, along side Farmer (Level 2), Huntress, Miner, and again level the Huntress up. Make sure you do these things in the summer again, and make sure that you do them within sequence six. The Miner sidequest should be in Boston.

Sequence 7:
For progressing with your artisans in Sequence 7, you will need to have initiated the ‘Encyclopedia of the Common Man’ sidequest from Sequence 6 and not completed it.

You can get the Inkeepers here, level up the Miners after completing Achilles’s sidequest, level up your Lumberers further, along with Miners, and also your Farmers twice (Level 3 and Level 4).

Sequence 8:
Sequence 8 is pretty quiet as far as the artisans are concerned. You can level up your Miner and also obtain the Blacksmith in the Frontier during summer time.

Sequence 9:
Sequence 9 is very busy. You’ll have plenty of artisans to level up here. You can get the Tailor in New York, the Priest, Doctor, Blacksmith Level 2 (New York), Huntress, Woodworker (Boston), and also level up the Tailor twice. You can also level up the Priest and Blacksmith in Boston.

Sequence 10:
You can level up the Doctor, Blacksmith, and Woodworker in Boston.

Sequence 11:
You can level up the Doctor to Level 3 in Sequence 11.

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User Info: OhHiRenan

5 years ago#3
This needs to be stickied.

User Info: AethonWarrior

5 years ago#4
OhHiRenan posted...
This needs to be stickied.

Nobody bumps it |: its hard to bump your own thread a lot because then people get pissed. I get pissed I post this and it gets ignored and flooded over with stupid topics like the ones you always see on page 1. If anyone can help keep this thread and my crafting thread(Link below) alive, and sticky request, please do so.
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User Info: Double O Negro

Double O Negro
5 years ago#5
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User Info: bookeworm

5 years ago#7
Bump and sticky requested!
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User Info: AethonWarrior

5 years ago#8
If you guys could help keep this thread bumped and request stickies that'd be awesome!
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User Info: Izua1_Rebirth

5 years ago#9
Is this true? That you have to do it in a certain order or you can mess it up?

What bulls***?

User Info: olafpkyou

5 years ago#10
So, can i go back and replay different sequences to do anything I missed?
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