Are Altair and Ezio more skilled than Connor?

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  3. Are Altair and Ezio more skilled than Connor?

User Info: yankeefan03

5 years ago#21
Altair seemed to be the most skilled all things considered.
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User Info: Gobstoppers12

5 years ago#22

Considering the last two major assassinations are done with Connor stumbling around like a noobcake, I think he loses points by default.
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User Info: Morter

5 years ago#23
Since I never played AC1, I've never seen Altair fight. Can someone show me videos of the best example of his fighting style
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User Info: ChariceChan

5 years ago#24
In terms of fighting skill, I would say Ezio.
In terms of knowledge, its Altair.

User Info: Takuru

5 years ago#25
It's been said before but Altair>Ezio>Connor in terms of skill.

They all get the job done however so it's all irrelevant.

User Info: DrunkenPeasant

5 years ago#26
Altair was the perfect assassin: he was very efficient and precise and he was a master at what he did (literally.) If I wanted a target killed without fail I'd pick him.

Ezio was a Jack of all trades: he was extremely talented with general melee weapons and was pretty handy at brawling with his fists having best the hell out of quite a few of his rivals in 2 and brotherhood. He was good at adapting his tactics too and embracing new and unusual weapons/techniques such as the hidden gun and the grappling hook from revelations. I think Ezio would be the best for an uncertain situation where you might need to apply any given number of different techniques.

Connor seemed to me like more of a warrior than an assassin personally, his combos are beyond lethal, also the brutality of the kill animations and his choice of weapons like the tomahawk and spike-rope make him ideal for open combat. Even his outfit looks like that of a soldier's with the period buttoned coat and everything. I find I'm having the most fun with Connor when I snare a Redcoat officer with the Spike-rope and noose him up from a tree in front of his own patrol, I then fire my pistol into the drummer before he can run of to snitch to the other guards before whipping my tomahawk out and burying it into a brutes head. Within about ten seconds a dozen redcoats are lying dead before they can even react and the woods are quiet once more. Connor is a powerhouse, pure strength with stealth elements when required for things like ambushes/assassinations.
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User Info: LunarAmbience

5 years ago#27
Connor had the most heart out of all of them.
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User Info: areeb319

5 years ago#29
I'd what would happen if they have a battle....
AC3 ending is stupid as hell...

User Info: MoonTaLoo

5 years ago#30
areeb319 posted...
I'd what would happen if they have a battle....

There would be two bloody heaps on the ground amd one bloody figure limping away.
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