Complete List of Delivery Mission Locations

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User Info: YounGCavS521

5 years ago#1
Most of this information comes from a topic on the PS3 boards from the user daemeon67 so most the credit goes to him. I added the locations of the missions in NY, and can say with certainty that there is no North Boston Mission. There are eight delivery missions in total. Two in Boston, three in the Frontier, and three in NY.

The locations are as follows.

South Boston: Just north of the fast travel point that is south east of the general store. If you go into the underground it will be listed as the East Fields fast travel point.

Central Boston: North of the general store, it's behind one of the buildings just before you enter North Boston.

Frontier #1: In the Lexington region. Remember it being near the north end of town but it was near a building so it's fairly easy to search for.

Frontier #2: In the Troy's Wood region. It should be at the group of three buildings in the shape of a triangle in the north east corner.

Frontier #3: In the Valley Forge region. If you go to the center of the camp then head west to reach the water you'll find it in front of a building with a water wheel. The building doesn't actually show up on the map as one but it's the only building on the water front anywhere near there so it won't be hard to find.

East NY: It is located to the right side of the X shaped streets toward the center of the map.

West NY: It is directly north of the fort on the west side of the map, and the guy is standing on the docks.

North NY: It is on the east side of the map, near the docks, across from two ships, and the guy is standing near a door.
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User Info: texasgoldrush

5 years ago#2
I can't find the south boston location, I am on Sequence 7, do I have a bug?

User Info: pj44055

5 years ago#3
texasgoldrush posted...
I can't find the south boston location, I am on Sequence 7, do I have a bug?

It's possible that you've already collected it and completed it.
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User Info: EbonFeather

5 years ago#4
Items required for each mission and how to obtain them:

Note: Some of them require items not available until very late game, so completing all the delivery quests is best left for one of your final tasks. However, if you simply want to pick them up beforehand, they're all available from Sequence 9 onward.

Frontier 1/ Lexington:
Beaver Teeth x5
Bear Pelt x3
Bobcat Pelt x3
Cougar Pelt x3
Wolf Pelt x3

You can get the Bear and Wolf pelts from Myriam in the Stockpile or from hunting. The rest can only be obtained by hunting. Remember to only make kills with the hidden blade or arrows to avoid damaging the pelts.

Fontier 2/ Troy's Wood:
Bear Claws x3
Bobcat Claws x3
Wolf Fangs x3
Cougar Fangs x2
Elk Antlers x3

All of these are obtained by hunting. You should get most of them simply by gathering the items for Lexington.

Frontier 3/ Valley Forge:
Bear Grease x1
Deer Marrow x3
Rabbit's Foot x5
Elk Heart x1
Fox Tail x1

All of these are obtained by hunting as well.

Central Boston:
Paper x3
Hair Accessory x2
Toy Dolls x2
Golden Rings x1
Soap x2

All of these items must be crafted.

South Boston:
Raccoon Pelt x5
Deer Pelt x5
Beaver Pelt x5
Buttons x2
Fox Pelt x3

The buttons must be crafted, the rest are obtained by hunting. If you so desire, you could also get the fox, beaver, and deer pelts from the Hunting section of the Stockpile.

East New York:
Ales x3
Ciders x2
Spirits x2
Tea x2
Deer Jerky x2

All of these items must be crafted.

West New York:
Salt x1
Venison x5
Hare Meat x5
Elk Meat x5
Bread x2

Salt and Bread must be crafted. The rest come from hunting. Venison is deer meat.

North New York:
Cough Syrup x1
Eye Drops x1
Pomade x1
All-Purpose Remedy x1
Stomache Ache Remedy x1

All of these medicines must be crafted by Doctor White.

Most, if not all of these items can be rarely pickpocketed, especially from the wealthy. However, this is a poor and ineffective way to find them.
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