wtf. checkers?

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User Info: AuraOfSouls

5 years ago#11
Seems like people started making up their own rules/forgetting rules generations back and its starting to show. Almost everyone that doesn't know how to play has said that its how they learned from a family member.

User Info: guitarman324

5 years ago#12
Reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend. He said "I know what I'm talking about cause my dad played in Checkers tournaments!"

But yeah, you have to make the jump. It's fun to play super aggressive, I like it that way.

User Info: cmaisme

5 years ago#13
When I was younger I used to play checkers both with and without the forced jump... although I only played with the forced jump cause that is the version one of my grandparents prefers playing with, and I thought till today that the forced jump is an unofficial rule....

About the stalling for a draw strategy...

Couldn't you use the forced jump rule to force them to jump to a position you can easily take them?

User Info: pillerofautumn

5 years ago#14
From: cmaisme | #013
Couldn't you use the forced jump rule to force them to jump to a position you can easily take them?

That requires strategy. TC wants to instantly win or else the game is glitched.

User Info: spectreSD

5 years ago#15
From: FredCat07 | #008
Yea, programmers should had testing them before poop the publish hit.

What is this...I don't even?

My point is the game is correct as presented in the game. Just because you grew up playing by house rules it doesn't make the actual game rules wrong.

User Info: josefrees

5 years ago#16
TC that is the kids rule of checkers. Real checkers requires jumping and if you want to be good at real checkers most of the best tools you have is setting up double jumps. And if your opponent is real bad, triples and quadruples. It is really hard to explain in text but if you plan ahead, sacrificing of one piece for double jumps is your primary method of winning. If you force the opponent into a mistake and get a piece advantage, you can basically sacrifice your way to victory. Remember, even a sacrifice into a double jump that ends up with your jumper getting jumped you still finish even. 2 pieces lost a side.

It is really hard to put checkers tactics into words.

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