My AC3 copy is sealed, each time I want to open I see a new complain? Why?

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  3. My AC3 copy is sealed, each time I want to open I see a new complain? Why?

User Info: Lugoves

4 years ago#21
Dishonored sucks. Rental at MOST.
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User Info: Left4Joker

4 years ago#22
JManGT posted...
Shut up, open the game, play it and form your opinion. You people are so over dramatic and rediculous


Some kind of ridiculous red people ??

User Info: Wolf_J_Flywheel

4 years ago#23
glitches in AC games dont bother me most are humorous, beside i look at it like the Animus is glitching and not the game.
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User Info: cheezedadada

4 years ago#24
I would hate to live life like this...just sitting there staring at a sealed case not sure whether its worth opening it or not. The overall importance of this decision is so menial and unimportant that it should have been decided in the first 10 seconds of having it.
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User Info: evildarkscot

4 years ago#25
All the glitches people have complained about I haven't had and most complaints are just the people who complain about anything they can
All games receive some sort of complaints all the time no game will ever be a 10(perfect) also I have gone through the game twice now and done most missions
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User Info: lexussss

4 years ago#26
lol poors

User Info: SkytheWiz1

4 years ago#27
Daggerborn posted...
SkytheWiz1 posted...

Daggerborn posted...
In my opinion people will complain about just about anything. One guy started a petition because the hero wears his hood down at one point in the story. Yes REALLY. I would say if you are the really picky type you might not like it, but if you can just sit, relax and lose yourself in a game, then just open the box and play it.

I didn't make the petition, but I'd like to clarify:
"One point in the story" is actually the entire end-game. Once you beat the game, unless you have a specific outfit on, his hood remains down, revealing an incredibly noticeable moehawk (which makes it all the more difficult to believe that no one recognizes him as an assassin).

I'm sorry, did you just say that because someone has war paint on and a mohawk that they are definitely an assassin?

No, I'm saying that if you're spotted with warpaint and a moehawk, you'd realistically never get "incognito" again, as everyone would begin to become AT LEAST suspicious of you.

I know this is GameFAQs, but please try to attempt to connect the dots...
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User Info: XGalt

4 years ago#28
You bought it already just open it and play. If you liked any of the AC games you'll like this one. It's not like the reinvented the wheel here. They just made the wheel rounder and gave it a nice spiffy paint job.
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User Info: ReDxVaLoO

4 years ago#29
Because you are on a message board, the go to place for complaints. The people who are enjoying the game are actually playing it.
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User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
4 years ago#30
If you can, you might want to return it and buy it Black Friday for 35 at Best Buy. Just sayin.
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  3. My AC3 copy is sealed, each time I want to open I see a new complain? Why?

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