Fast Travel Tunnel Bugged?

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User Info: Icarusael

5 years ago#1
I found all the fast travel exit, but only 10 are showing inside the tunnel map, and only 7 fast travel spot are showing on the city map... why? -_-
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User Info: Ryan2002

5 years ago#2
I dunno, I'm in the same boat. found all 11 of them, only 10 show up on either map for me though, that 11th one is not appearing. Not a big deal really, but it's annoying.
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User Info: Zalyagunryai

5 years ago#3
happened to me, but going back into tunnels from the entrance I emerged from seemed to fix it
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User Info: Sevael

5 years ago#4
The initial entrance for accessing the underground in each city doesn't show up as a fast travel point on either the underground or the city maps for me.

That consistency makes it feel like it's by design. Poor design, mind you...

User Info: random_zero18

5 years ago#5
Only the South Market fast travel icon wouldn't pop up in the underground for me. Aside from that, they all showed up. If they're not showing on the main map, try to reveal the area in the immediate vicinity.

User Info: _Rushdown_

5 years ago#6
One is unlocked in the story, sequence 11, right?

User Info: DonWinslow

5 years ago#7
correct. in both cities one of the tunnels will not show up on the map until you do the mission involving them. as for them not showing up on the main map. only thing i can think of is to go to each exit in the underground and use it. i had one that didn't show till i did that.
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