Are YOU an assassin?

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User Info: Turtlebread

5 years ago#31
I am probably the most physically able and most athletic individual on this website, if I were to rate myself using your scale I would be at least 15/10

User Info: Knux58

5 years ago#32
7/10, but 10/10 in the stealth department.
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User Info: Simynu

5 years ago#33
Knux58 posted...
7/10, but 10/10 in the stealth department.

Just because nobody pays you any attention and you go unnoticed doesn't mean you're stealthy.

User Info: AsbesdosMoth

5 years ago#34
Unlike all the other delusional folks on this site, I'm going to be honest and say 1, I'm not in terrible shape but I'm not an olympic athlete who climbs walls.
My other pack mule is a wood elf.

User Info: blueice9

5 years ago#35
I'm agreeing the responses for the most part, at least theres some honest folk among us, haha. I'd be around a 6, but i workout three times a week and dont drink soda or smoke. It takes effort to be healthy.
I think deja vu is when you just died and respawn'd from your last checkpoint.
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