The Epilogue (HUGE spoilers)

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User Info: NightWatch177

5 years ago#31
KajexXIV posted...
FredCat07 posted...
Lankeyguy posted...
jivedj posted...
Or MAYYYBBEE someone from the future has been reliving DESMOND'S memories this entire time!! ERRRMAAGERRRDDDDD!!!

Except the fact Desmond did not have a kid at the end of the game.

Clay in Brotherhood mentioned that Desmond had a son... "Your son..."

Irrelevant. You can't relive the memories of an ancestor after they procreate with someone with the next ancestor as a result. If Desmond's "son" were the one really in the animus, we couldn't relive any memories of Desmond's past Desmond's son's conception.

I know that you're right with the whole 'Animus follows the newly 'made' ancestor' thing, however, I'd like to point out a couple of things.

1) Unless the copulation happened AFTER the scene in the cave between Ziio and Haytham (although it was implied that they did it there, I thought?), then you still manage to follow Haytham to recruit Charles Lee afterwards. I might have rendered my own point moot, but I got the impression they made Connor in that cave, right there.

2) Ubisoft indirectly implied they believe life begins at conception, with all this. Mitt Romney supporters? Maybe they'd have patched the game sooner if Mitt won...[/stupid_joke]

But yeah, could someone clarify my first point?
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User Info: tragik00

5 years ago#32
did u really just put political nonsense in a game site? great, here this will become like yahoo comments, absolutely ridiculous.

User Info: Rethalwolf

5 years ago#33
Ah, my mistake, though that would explain why Haytham showed any emotion about her, or why she seemed to know a bit more about him than made sense at the time.

Also it doesn't imply life is made at conception, just that the sperm had been transferred. More like ancestral memory creation ends at conception than life is made.

Not posting my political beliefs but that's what it's saying.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
5 years ago#35
It's pretty obvious during the epilogue that someone else is now controlling Connor in the Animus, presumably the hackers doing the pivot thing. I'm guessing the "pivot hackers" are supposed to be us. something new
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User Info: Prodigy5281

5 years ago#36
woocls posted...
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: woocls | Posted: 11/9/2012 2:09:31 AM | #015
Bofadeese posted...
However we also know that once the progenitor has a child that child only has the genetic memories prior to said shag fest.

Didn't we see Ezio's death? Unless he got a chick pregnant while he was chilling in his fortress of solitude.

Going off "fortress of solitude," I think you mean Altair, and it's pretty explicitly shown that he got a woman pregnant in Acre. I believe that is explained in AC2.

Yes, I'm talking about the part where Altair hides the apple. (my mistake on character) You get to play that entire section of the game. Then he dies. We shouldn't be able to access that if we had to stop being altair after that knocked up scene.

Actually, it makes perfect since. Desmond wasn't using an animus or his genetic memory to become Altair again. Desmond was using his genetic memory to become Ezio who was reliving memories Altair stored of the Masyaf Keys. No genetic memory required.....

User Info: Prodigy5281

5 years ago#37
DeadmanX82 posted...
I think the more obvious solution here would be it's either desmond's Father, or perhaps even his mother. In an earlier dialogue between sequences, Dezzie boy does ask his pops about how they moms is doin', and pops said she's someplace "safe".

If you really wanna get freaky with stuff though, maybe they came back into the cave, took a DNA sample, and cloned the dudes corpse. ok? Food for thought, better chew it a few times before swallowing or you'll choke on your tongue or somethin'.

All just theories, IDK either way really.

Can't be his mom. There's dialogue that says William Miles is the parent descended from Connor. unless Des's mom and dad were related before conceiving desmond.......

User Info: Prodigy5281

5 years ago#38
Rethalwolf posted...
Not that this is a point of discussion, but I find it interesting to note that while you can only relive the memories of your ancestors up until the point of conception of the next in your lineage, whilst playing as Haytham, you pork the native american woman and still go back to the city and reveal to the gamer your true allegiance. THAT is developer oversight.

Haytham KISSES Connor's mother in the cave. Don't know about you, but I believe it takes a bit more than a kiss to get a woman pregnant.

User Info: ragnorok22

5 years ago#39
alphaaltair posted...
Not this again.
For all you newbies, they've categorically ruled out the "animus in an animus" trope.

When did they rule this out? I always thought it was a possibility once it was learned he would die at the end.

On a side note, did anyone feel that all the "skills" desmund leanred were pretty worthless in the end? I mean not even half way through AC2 he already could climb as well as Ezio so it just felt they really dropped the ball in terms of the supposed plot pay off for why he was using the animus for the whole second game.

I really feel the series needs to switch the animus segments with the current segments or at least make them more engaging. Maybe sleeping dogs will fill that current day open world itch.

User Info: riouken1234

5 years ago#40
mlangley2 posted...
jivedj posted...
Or MAYYYBBEE someone from the future has been reliving DESMOND'S memories this entire time!! ERRRMAAGERRRDDDDD!!!

I didn't click the link, but you actually just provided a very good and very plausible explanation.

I'm pretty sure Ubisoft confirmed that this was not the case. People have been discussing that theory since AC2.
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