The Epilogue (HUGE spoilers)

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User Info: PandaOtterMoose

4 years ago#41
For starters, clay says Your SUN not son.
Secondly, you can still control Connor so you can play post game, if you couldn't there would be 5000 topics about how terrible ubisoft is for not allowing a post game.

User Info: jakerscythe

4 years ago#42
Prodigy5281 posted...
Haytham KISSES Connor's mother in the cave. Don't know about you, but I believe it takes a bit more than a kiss to get a woman pregnant.

You mean I've been paying child support all these years, and the kid isn't even mine!? AWWW SH#&

User Info: Woofrikinhaw

4 years ago#43
What's with this "Can't relive memories of X ancestor after ancestor Y is born/conceived/whatever?" Has this been confirmed/explicitly stated somewhere that I missed, or is this just a guess people are using to answer the question of, "Why do we randomly switch to Connor when we could still play Haytham?"
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User Info: ChunkyMilkism

4 years ago#44
Prodigy5281 posted...
Rethalwolf posted...
Not that this is a point of discussion, but I find it interesting to note that while you can only relive the memories of your ancestors up until the point of conception of the next in your lineage, whilst playing as Haytham, you pork the native american woman and still go back to the city and reveal to the gamer your true allegiance. THAT is developer oversight.

Haytham KISSES Connor's mother in the cave. Don't know about you, but I believe it takes a bit more than a kiss to get a woman pregnant.

Thus mentioning the *implication* of procreation.

Anyway, I didn't see any spaghetti in Haytham's pockets, so I'll bet they got down 'n dirty right then and there.
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User Info: Leviathan412

4 years ago#45
It could be one of Desmond's parents.

User Info: Ryan2002

4 years ago#46
Leviathan412 posted...
It could be one of Desmond's parents.

Could be, or an uncle, or a cousin, or one of a dozen different relatives that we don't know about.

Or somebody hooked Desmonds body up to the animus and it continued to pull memories from his blood/DNA(Vidic mentioned the animus doing this itself(not the being dead part though), but's much faster if Desmond cooperates). Who says the body needs to be physically alive for the animus to do it's thing? Just because something is dead doesn't mean you can't view it's DNA or what it is comprised of.
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User Info: JackApostrophe

4 years ago#47
Given that Mr. Voice asks someone to go and check out the Glass Armonica, there has to actually be someone in an Animus reliving Connor's memories, and it can't be a comatose/brain dead Desmond because he wouldn't be able to follow commands. So we've got a person in an Animus being given instructions by Mr. Voice, the same way that people sometimes talked to Desmond.

The fact that someone is hacking into Desmond's Animus data means it can't be an Assassin, because.. well, why would they need to hack into it? Rebecca, William and Shaun survived, and they'd give up Desmond's data to other Assassins just like they used Clay's data in the past.

It could be Abstergo trying to hack into it, but then why upload it to the Cloud? And why would they be doing that anyway, when they've been trying to launch the Abstergo-Eye project in order to create their utopia? It's possible that they're trying to find another Apple using Connor's memories (since they may know that George Washington comes into contact with an Apple later on, and it's not unreasonable to think that Connor will be involved in that), but the business with the Cloud seems to run counter to the whole Templar philosophy.

Plus we know now that the Abstergo-Eye wouldn't work, and so isn't a credible threat. Even if they get an Apple they're just going to fail like the First Civilisation failed when they sent Apples into space, so why should more time be wasted on that plot?

So I think we're dealing with a third party here. And since Desmond's story is over and there's probably going to be another Connor game, I expect that this is a sly way of introducing the new protagonist. And if this new descendant is a member of a third party rather than the Assassins and the Templars, they'll serve as a good jumping on point, since it might be necessary for them to be introduced into the conspiracies like Desmond was in AC1.

User Info: superh

4 years ago#48
sakurayule posted...
It's implied that someone else is reliving Connor as his ancestor by the voices that talk.
It isn't desmond in an animus, it's someone else.

I think ubisoft already denied the animus in the animus theory
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User Info: superh

4 years ago#49
woocls posted...
Bofadeese posted...
However we also know that once the progenitor has a child that child only has the genetic memories prior to said shag fest.

Didn't we see Ezio's death? Unless he got a chick pregnant while he was chilling in his fortress of solitude.

You mean Altiar, and we see it because he used the apple to encode that memory into the Keys... That is how Ezio saw the memories in revelations.

You also have to remember Altiar and Ezio are not related.

I don't think it's any of Desmond's parents i nthe animus. Otherwise, Desmond wouldn't be so important or unique if his parents could be used to find Connor/ezio/altiar's memories.
but maybe they only want Connors, so it could be from one of his parents.

If they are hacking the animus, they could be using Desmond's dead body for the genetic memories, and using somebody else to control them.

"Magic doesn't exist? Oh really, then explain magic tricks you nimwit."
-Dax Flame

User Info: Perascamin

4 years ago#50
I really hope Desmond isn't dead.
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