There are NO glitches in this game people!

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  3. There are NO glitches in this game people!

User Info: RampageHowl

5 years ago#21
luckly, I have only ran into 3-4. None were game breaking or big. mostly graphical glitches.

Not finishes yet tho ,only on sequence 8

User Info: ixS4NG3Rxi

5 years ago#22
A lot of the "glitches" people talk about are really just mistakes or they do not understand, there are mostly glitches which you can see, but dont change anything. I've came across some glitches through my 70 hours of gameplay, like walking into a cave, coming out, and still having the sound of the echo from the cave

User Info: Unable2Connect

5 years ago#23

It's not a glitch. Their horses really did fly back then!


User Info: assassinreaper

5 years ago#24
I concur I haven't run into anything serious except for a naval convoy glitch other wise it runs flawlessly
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User Info: wonderfulwino

5 years ago#25
Believe it or not, this message board is not the entire gaming community. I'm sure many people don't experience any glitches at all. You just think its full of glitches because everyone who has them comes here to complain.

User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
5 years ago#26
There are glitches, but nothing that detracts from the awesomeness of the game.
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User Info: Groudon_Uzamaki

5 years ago#27
Blitzkrieg182 posted...
Finished, no full sync, and just like skyrim not a single glitch here as well.

I am pretty sure you don't count, since if you've never had a glitch or bug in Skyrim you either weren't playing it very long or got god tier lucky. I've had literally hundreds of small bugs from that.
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User Info: ColtonBangin

5 years ago#28
Lies! It's all lies!

Then why did they make an announcement that the next patch would take care of tons of glitches!? Explain that one sir.

User Info: SydLosttarot

5 years ago#29

Do you have any health insurance? I imagine the operation to remove your head from your *** will be expensive.

User Info: zigmagem

5 years ago#30
Ugh to tc

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  3. There are NO glitches in this game people!

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