Is the season pass worth it?

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User Info: Shirase

4 years ago#21
Yeah, I'm passing on it, myself. I don't plan on playing multi and haven't even activated the online pass for it.

As for the SP DLC, I think it has a lot of potential to be pretty interesting, since they can twist how cities and historical people are in the alternate universe. Hopefully, all three(?) of the single player DLCs cost less than a Season Pass.
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User Info: RugterWyper32

4 years ago#22
I'm taking advantage of the current "Leave no Witnesses" thing to see if I'm lucky enough with that. Doubt it, though. But still, if I get it there, that'll be nice. If not, I'm getting the King Washington DLC only, anyway, so yeah
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User Info: ty1098

4 years ago#23
I bought it when I picked up my copy of the game, expecting there to be 5 episodes of King Washington (which caught me the moment I saw it). Neato! Then I was told that two of the episodes would be multiplayer, which meant the King Washington stuff wouldn't have as much (3 episodes compared to 5). Ok, but the multiplayer's alright, and KW will be out by the end of the year right? Nope, January! I'm selling this game and using the cash to get the new Skyrim DLC, then getting this for my birthday in February.
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User Info: classicgmer

4 years ago#24
To those that can wait & who don't necessarily want all the DLC I'd just wait until there's a pretty good on the marketplace.
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  3. Is the season pass worth it?

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