Silly glitches that you've experienced (possible spoilers)

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User Info: Sexy_Magikarp

4 years ago#1
-During the Oak Island mission, during the wolf section, I killed off 2 wolves with poison darts an ran out, so I attempted to air assassinate the last one from a tree...only to somehow get stuck in the trunk of the tree. I wasn't able to move at all and the wolf wouldn't attack me, he just kept running in circles. I had to reload the mission.

-While trying to liberate Fort Division (the NE one in New York), I had spent about 20 minutes just murdering every guard and igniting the powder reserve. The last enemy remaining was the Captain and he walked through a wall and out of the fort. I also walked out and killed him, only to find out ALL the enemies respawn and I had to redo everything, including blowing up the reserve again.

-Again, Fort Division, I was swimming around the moat outside and managed to clip underneath the bridge leading to the door and fall into an endless void.

-Fort Division once more. The gate was closed and I was trying to see if I could climb in, and I somehow managed to clip through the gate by air assassinating a guard on the other side. It sure took me by surprise.

-In the frontier, on the bridge with the explosive barrels, I shot them to kill the guards and somehow I went flying 50 feet in the air and died upon landing.

Love the game, but its feeling a bit like Skyrim in terms of all the glitches. Hopefully patches come out soon.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#2
Second one is also concerning in Brotherhood, if you don't know. Did you just happened to go through that at 6 AM or 6 PM?
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User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
4 years ago#3
Only one so far was a lady sitting on some logs outside Boston. Her skirt clipped through her legs, revealing her simultaneously hilarious/horrifying deformed legs.

User Info: JohnC2211

4 years ago#4
Dual pistol glitch, obviously. Upon fast travelling from the Homestead my second pistol will disappear.

Furthermore, crafted the rope dart upgrade pouch but still can only carry 5 rope dart.

Plus loads and loads of texture pop in. Will be getting AC3 on PC when it comes out and trading in my 360 version as at least the graphics on PC will be better.

User Info: tragik00

4 years ago#5
I too got stuck in a tree and could not move. I was stalking the enemies that have the drummer and got stuck into a tree and had to watch them pass underneath me.

User Info: seanfast

4 years ago#6
aquila doing a complete end over end flip during the stormy mission with the waves. we went down a big swell a la The Perfect Storm, and the ship went at such a vertical angle i guess the physics carried it further and it SLOWLY flipped end over end, with me watching everything upside down, with my crew members all doing their rigging and such despite the effects of gravity lol. that was probably the funniest least harmful glitch i experienced

User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#7
A bear got stuck inside a tree and I could only see his head sticking out as he constantly roar'd lol. Had to circle it a few times for him to get out.

In New York when going after one of the almanac pages I got sent flying 20 feet up on the same jump like 3 times, didn't kill me though.

I also got forced into a cutscene multiple times during missions where I had to clear out the area of guys, when there was still one or more guys left, only to die from them attacking me mid cutscene as Connor just slides across the floor when hit then falls over and dies lol.

A lot of guards seem to get stuck inside walls, too.

User Info: Seroth

4 years ago#8
In the second Desmond mission in Brazil, there's a part in which a woman gets thrown threw a window and you have to chase down Cross. Except my first time through this part, there was not a cutscene. The window was already broken when I got there, and I was all weirded out as to why it was broken and why there was blood everywhere. I passed the window, went down the stairs, and I ran into a crowd of a low-poly humans that were cheering. They wouldn't react to Desmond, and I could just run through them, clipping through the models. It was really creepy. I ended up alerting the guards through the crowd, and they killed me. I restarted the checkpoint, and the game played as normal, showing the cutscene with the broken window.

Another time, I was trying to stealthily take a fort, so I jumped into the back of a hay cart, hoping the driver would drive into the fort, past the guards. Instead, the driver drove around the fort, and right off a cliff, into the water, with me still in the back. The driver, cart, and Connor all fell into oblivion.
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User Info: DeadManFloating

4 years ago#9
Was about to attack the captain of a fort when one of my recruits backstabbed him. I was stuck in a pose about to strike, and in combat. Couldn't move, up on one foot, and holding the B button for counter, my arm would raise up but then back down when I let go.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

4 years ago#10
Has anyone had a glitch where after loading and appearing in a new area (Boston, NY, Frontier, even outside the animus), the camera is all messed up and is really far away? Happened to me several times.
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