Air Assassinate a grenadier AND remain undetected on BOTH boats?

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User Info: y000012500

5 years ago#1

Like, you don't even know how mad I am now. Here all the issues with this challenge.

-If I climb on either boat, it's almost guaranteed everyone will look directly at me unless I clear off some men.
-If I Air Assassinate the Grenadier, REGARDLESS of if anyone is watching or if they are on the other side of the boat, THEY WILL BE INSTANTLY ALERTED. I guess that means I have to clear the entire boat first, EH?
-A standard Double Assassinate is a BROKEN ability. I'm not even sure if it exists. It certainly isn't reliable enough to walk up behind two guards who could notice me at any second. I've pulled off a quick swish swish on two guards before either noticed, but that's not reliable at ALL. (What happened here?! Did they forget how to program their key feature from AC2?)
-If I restart the challenge, my items aren't restocked.
-No checkpoints between boats? These boats take like 5 minutes each. -.-
-I have no Assassin's at the moment.

And I'm pretty sure this ISN'T something Connor would have done. "Oh yeah, let's slowly spend about 10 minutes clearing these boats out so no one sees me when I do a cool a mid air assassinate on that tough guard over there." All the while, CANNON FIRE raining down on your men on the hilltop every five seconds.

User Info: TheExileJedi

5 years ago#2
use arrows to clean out the boat with the grenadier, then just assassinate the grenadier, the only person you need to assassinate on boat two is the one guard that you can ledge grab, you can then just run and plant the other bomb and no one will see
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User Info: y000012500

5 years ago#3
That pair on Boat 2 in the middle always see notice me in the middle of planting the boat. So I got to deal with them. I can kill them without the guy at the head noticing, and then there's the issue of NOT BEING ABLE TO DOUBLE ASSASSINATE.

User Info: umbra_fuhrer

5 years ago#4
Climb on the ropes on the sides of the ships to the top of the platforms. Target someone, and shoot him with an arrow. Take out everyone on the ship with your arrows besides the Grenadir. Its actually an easy mission. Takes little to know time to do it. When your climbing the ropes to get to the top, the triangles will start turning red. Just keep climbing and they wont detect you completely.

No point in getting upset on an easy mission

User Info: ghosta2

5 years ago#5
first climb on to the back of the Port side boat. you need to ledge grab assassinate the patrolling trooper when he stands over the edge. Make sure you grab him after the grenader finishes walking by.

Next head to the stern and use the crate to corner assassinate the trooper. You need to whistle before he reaches the wheel.

next go back to the crate and whistle the grenader over. slowly walk counter clockwise around the crate and up the pallets. By the time you reach the top of the pallets the grenader will be where you whistled from and then you can air assassinate him.

Next just use corner assinations on the remaining guys

The other boat is easy as all you got to do is ledge assassinate the one patrolling trooper and then plant the bomb while the officer on the bow is behind the crate.
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Gt: Ghosta2

User Info: y000012500

5 years ago#6
I KNOW, all the tricks guys, I've got this damn mission packed down tight, but there's all these stupid flukes that keep ******* me over at the last second.

Also, like I said, arrows aren't respawning. And the patrolling guard isn't the only one, the two in the middle also notice me as I'm planting. I can get away sometimes, but it's risky. Obviously Ubisoft ****** up bad when programming this mission. i highly doubt they wanted you to clear an entire boat so you assassinate one guy.

User Info: GTRagnarok

5 years ago#7

IMO, it's the hardest mission to full sync on, but it's still pretty easy with the right strategy.
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User Info: BloodySeraphim

5 years ago#8
to double assassinate, just walk up behind, press right trigger (which enter high profile mode) and then x to assassinate. there is no problem, no glitch, nothing, that affect double assassinate.

User Info: VaporFox

5 years ago#9
Yeah, they pretty much flipped the middle finger at everyone with a lot of these secondary objectives in AC3. The double assassination move is a bipolar mess for sure in this for some inexplicable reason. I can literally sneak up behind two guards who're standing no further than a foot apart from each other, get close as possible, and...bam "oh hay lol you really only wanted to take out ONE of those guys rite?!?!". No, **** you AC3, *** you without lube. =1

The thing that pisses me off is for some reason my weapon resources will just magically end up at "0" sometimes, when I KNOW I didn't shoot off all my arrows, bullets, poison darts, etc. I shouldn't have to trodge all the way to a g'damn general store to restock just because the checkpoint forgot to keep track of all the crap I was carrying. -_-

I think the mission that made my rage-vein pop out of my forehead the most was where you had to assassinate one of the main targets with an air assassination without being detected. The dude was on a friggen HORSE and there were no trees or buildings that were higher than he was, and it was damn nigh impossible to even get close to him without one of the bazillion guards around him going "LOL hay look an assassin!" too. After about my 10th try I was like "**** this" and just rushed in to stab him on his horse. 100% synchronization obviously wasn't in the cards for me in my first run. X3
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User Info: y000012500

5 years ago#10
I really like this game, but man missions like this just point out all the flaws don't they? I'll get over it but sheesh.

Then in the following scene, Auto Follow doesn't work. Why doesn't Autofollow work as well as in other games? I don't want to manually walk slow to listen to this conversation. Hell, it should probably be a cutscene.
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