Deer and Elk in Homestead

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User Info: cameron284

4 years ago#1
Hello all,

Hopefully someone can help me out here, I am having a problem finding Deer and Elk in the homestead region for hunting. This is all I need to do to complete the Hunting Tasks and I have watched several youtube videos and read several guides as to the location of these animals and they do not appear on my game. I have been there during day and night.

So far I have clocked up over 4 hours searching the suggested locations.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or does anyone have a solution?

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User Info: Kureejii Lea

Kureejii Lea
4 years ago#2
Try going north of Norris' area, or near Myriam's.
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User Info: joegt123

4 years ago#3 THE reason I'm giving the Dante May Cry a chance.
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User Info: ghosta2

4 years ago#4
deer can be found close to the base of the southern cliffs. elk can be found in the far NW
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User Info: cameron284

4 years ago#5
Hey guys thanks for the response and links.

Found the deer, but I have been all over the NW several times and I can not see 1 Elk =/.

Very odd... hopefully one pops up soon
Xbox 360 Gamertag: Vexstar

User Info: joshua_nash

4 years ago#6
okay just do what i usually do when hunting get some bait climb up to a branch throw the bait down then just wait for the animals to come running its really easy
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User Info: rrobins

4 years ago#7
joegt123 posted...

Thank you, thank you! This image was exactly what I needed. All the descriptions have been off and had me searching the wrong areas!
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