Glitches I Experienced This Weekend Alone (minor spoilers)

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User Info: seanfast

4 years ago#1
So I played for hours this 3 day weekend, and although i love the series, it was an exercise in frustration. many times i attempted to crack my controller in half. fair warning, i am always going for 100% synch, which i know is my own fault. here are the glitches i experienced first hand:

1.consumables disappearing after missions, so when i go to use an arrow or something suddenly i have none even though i never used any myself

2.aquila doing a complete end over end flip during the stormy mission with the waves. we went down a big swell a la The Perfect Storm, and the ship went at such a vertical angle i guess the physics carried it further and it SLOWLY flipped end over end, with me watching everything upside down, with my crew members all doing their rigging and such despite the effects of gravity lol. that was probably the funniest least harmful glitch i experienced

3.unable to perform ledge assassinations in the "air assassinate grenadier on boat" infamous mission. this is intermittent so i know i was doing them correctly. the "kill the maneater bear hunting society mission, i had to reload the mission 3 or 4 times to get the frontiersman's corpse to show up so i could offer it to the bear and lure him out. the first few times the redcoats body was there but that was it. cant lure him out without the other body...

5.i went to perform an air assassination from a tree branch in the woods on a redcoat, and when i leapt, i went right past my target, through the ground, and fell forever into space...

6.the legendary elk/deer mission, i forget which animal, which tells you to go to the top of the mountain. youre supposed to find the clue to narrow your search area, but before i get to the clue, once i enter the giant radius it immediately tells me to take out the animal. when i try to examine the clue to narrow the giant search area, the entire green circle disappears and i fail the mission.

7.convoy "attacked". this is all over the boards, but it happened to me too. initial tutorial convoy you send out gets attacked and i have no way to rescue it or do anything else. the homestead mission where you have to find the doctor in boston for the farmers wife, when i walk up to the mob ready to attack him, the mob turns into statues basically, and none of them attack. they just stand there. i couldnt use my fist attack on them either. all i could do is run& tackle them. i tried reloading the checkpoint 5 times but i could only get them to attack the doctor and allow me to defend him by turning off my xbox.

9.all the typos in the game, which arent a glitch per se, but still annoying. especially in the optional objectives text.

10.on the paul revere ride mission, the first time you get off your horse and he tells you to find the right house, he was following me and got caught trying to vault a split rail fence. he spazzed out, and suddenly it said DESYNCHRONIZED: COMPANION HAS DIED. note there were no redcoats in sight lol. he died from physics trying to follow me over a 3 foot fence.

11.when taking one of the forts, i pulled up my quick menu to switch to poison darts or something, and when i went back to the game, my entire screen was gray except for the hud elements. i couldnt see anything, and people are attacking me. i had to reload the game.

12.sometimes it tells me i successfully caught an animal with my snare but it doesnt count towards my stats of snaring 20 animals.

13.sometimes when you have to hit Y during a QTE with a predator, the horse gets called, and starts trotting in between me and the bear or whatever as im trying to kill it. its more annoying than it sounds

14. not being able to perform double takedowns. less of a glitch, more poor coding and loss of an AC staple feature

15.picking up all the required materials for the delivery request, but them not being removed from my inventory once i finish the quest

any familiar?

User Info: joegt123

4 years ago#2
*slow clap* Doing this list was one thing I wasn't looking forward to.

I've experienced more than half what you listed personally. Among others that are mostly aesthetic and (usually) harmless. Thoughy some.... decidedly aren't.

Edit: for #12, you need to be in the vicinity of the snare for it to count. When you go to collect your bits, it should register the hunting task. Whether its a glitch or just a bad move on ubi's part, I can't say. THE reason I'm giving the Dante May Cry a chance.
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User Info: The_High

4 years ago#3
The ledge assassinations aren't glitchy on that mission.

It's just that that guard is placed almost perfectly between the "too far" and "close enough" distance that you need to get them to activate. The way he sort of shuffles places him in and out of the effective range. You can spot it easily if you just sit there in range and watch the little shimmer you get when he gets close enough.

Maddening, but not a glitch. Just a question of active range and his placement coupled with his animation.
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User Info: metalsamurai

4 years ago#4
Spoilers ahead concerning a target and homestead mission.

My hatchet disappeared in Boston once.

Got stuck "inside" a house.

Game froze a couple times.

In the fight with Biddle, Connor would keep his back to him when I had a sword drawn and swing in the wrong direction, causing me to die. Apparently he thought he was supposed to be protecting Biddle from imaginary soldiers.

Was climbing a building and Connor somehow did a huge jump in midair while "hanging on" to nothing.

Killed a dog, three ladies stood there and repeated the same line about it getting what was coming to it over and over and over again until I left.

Had to find out where hunter lady was during the wedding, found her clone walking around in her hunter outfit even though she was supposed to be fleeing in her wedding dress.

Twin Achilles.
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User Info: The_High

4 years ago#5
Four of my favorite gliches:

1. During the wolf fight at the last Kidd mission, I ended up inside a tree. It looked like the wolves just REALLY wanted to kill a tree that day.

2. No less than SEVEN copies of Achilles in the Fanorona room. Two playing each other (not really, but they were sitting opposite), one sleeping in the chair (under the one playing the other one), three looking out the window, and one of them in the door way talking to me like it was a normal day.

3. Connor going emo. During the beginning cinematic of one mission Connor was hood down, and obviously was missing the model of his hair. He just sort of had a black skullcap thing sort of painted on, and a single Padawan braid.

4. Desmond being posessed by demons. I don't know if anyone else noticed but occasionally Desmond's eyes will be pitch black or completely missing. It's creepy.
"Ars Longa, Vita Brevis, Occasio Praeceps, Experimentum Periculosum, Iudicium Difficile."
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