Do I need to have played Revelations to enjoy this?

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4 years ago#1
So I had originally stopped playing AC games back after the second one, but overtime ended up buying Brotherhood and Revelations cheap. However, they just ended up sitting on the shelf. So with the third one coming I decided to play Brotherhood and Revelations since I got the third one cheap through a promotion. However, lack of time means that I have only gotten through Brotherhood.

So with other new games piling up, I was considering skipping Revelations and going straight into 3 (I would probably return and play it at some point). However, Brotherhood ends with quite the cliffhanger. I have read that some people were disappointed with Revelations story, that it sort of treads water in the overall scheme of things, however is there anything from it that I need to know or that would enhance my understanding of AC3? Is it recommended that I play it prior to 3 or would a quick wiki summary do just fine?

User Info: True_Rune

4 years ago#2

but it's an enjoyable game(IMO) should still give it a try, one of these days.
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User Info: MrVanzetti

4 years ago#3
Revelations was a decent game, but you really won't miss anything if you skip it.
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User Info: Auszai

4 years ago#4
I've played and completed AC1, II Brotherhood but skipped Revelations according to my brother's advice, why? Apparently *Spoilers*

- Short Altair moment
- Eagle Vision and other controls changed (WHY?)
- Short Replay Value
- Apparently Brotherhood was better

Brotherhood takes place in Rome, just one city but you have easier gameplay (compared to AC 1 and 2) why easier targeting, flowing combat with matchlock guns, recruit assassins to do the job for you, you earn heaps of money and after i finished it, i couldnt even be bothered with the achievements and mucking around because it was almost too easy.

AC3 i am loving so far, it's almost like an Skyrim esque RPG (complete with all the bugs you'd expect from Ubisoft and Bethesda!) with how you can craft pouches, supplies, send convoys, hunt wildlife, play minigames, much much more.

User Info: mr_ps2

4 years ago#5
For conners missions no.
For desmond it would help to play it as it tells some secrets but its not game breaking if you dont.
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User Info: rockyoumonkeys

4 years ago#6
I'm trudging through Revelations now, and I really really want to just abandon it and go youtube the ending. It's terrible. Least fun AC game by far, to the point where I'm worried that AC3 will be even worse because it sounds like they continued to tinker and add pointless gimmicky crap.
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User Info: tragik00

4 years ago#7
I would say yes u should play it. It definitely adds to the story.

User Info: thisawesomedude

4 years ago#8
I played it. But all your missing are the movie scenes that explain it just Youtube it.
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User Info: BayouJoe

4 years ago#9
I bought Brotherhood and Revelations at the same time too, I finished Brotherhood but Borderlands 2 came out and now I'm ready to start AC3.....Revelations will have to wait. It'll be my "fall back on something when I'm done everything else" game.
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User Info: Suterman0123

4 years ago#10
If you care about Ezio's character then play it. I didn't like Altair that much after AC1 but Revelations really did his character justice.
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