Exploration... Another glitch?

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User Info: esperan2k

5 years ago#1
So oddly enough, I finished the Frontier Exploration first, and I got the reward back at the Manor as soon as I found the last tavern in the far SW side of the map. I do have most of the map uncovered, but a lot of it still fogged.

Here's my problem though, I have pretty much everything uncovered in Boston. All of the outside, all of the buildings, everything. I have all of the underground entrances, finished all of the available missions, found all the shops. But I'm thinking I'm missing a tavern or two and that's why I haven't gotten the trophy for Boston yet.

I've Google'd all over for a map showing the uncovered locations and no luck when it comes to the taverns. I have 4 taverns found. One in the N, on the east side of the peninsula near the water front. One in the central area just a little south of that canal that cuts east to west. Another in the southern part of the central district on the border of the southern district, and one in the southern district a little ways away from the Boston Neck exit.

The only other thing I can think of is there is some island off the mainland I need to uncover, but I doubt it.

I'll probably end up having the same problem with NYC too.

So what I need to know is this: how many taverns are in each region, ideally what areas so I can find them, or even better, if someone can point out a map that shows where they are.

And on that day the world was changed forever...
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