Fine Furniture, Medicine, and Clothing

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User Info: Treerow

4 years ago#1
While jagging around on the homestead after completing all the homestead missions, I heard ambient conversation where a man was telling a woman named Catherine that her mother died of a sickness. Later on I crafted a bunch of medicines and another ambient conversation with the innkeeper getting news that his mother was doing well.

I also crafted a ton of fine furniture and saw my homestead become well furnished as well as the kitchen.

Not sure if crafting all those seemingly unnecessary items caused the changes in my homestead or if it just happens because of advancing sequences.

Anyone else experienced this in the game?

User Info: True_Rune

4 years ago#2
Hmm....this COULD be possible, as I do remember hearing a conversation between Lyle, Myriam and Norris about how a Ship was lost as sea and Myriam lost like a months worth of pelts, and there was no way for her to be recompensed after I lost a Naval Convoy.

but I've heard the same COnversation a few times between Lyle and Norris about scoring big with a huge Mineral Vein, and I never send any kind of Ores out....or craft anything to requires ores other than the special weapons.

I'll have to muck around with the crafting to see if this holds any kind of water.

That would be kind of nifty if something as unimportant as JUST crafting items had a small impact on the Homesteaders lives and "ambient" conversations.
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User Info: Treerow

4 years ago#3
I crafted a bunch of fine clothing too. Not sure if crafting an item over and over tops out at any point but I haven't paid attention to what the characters are wearing.

User Info: OniLordAsmodeus

4 years ago#4
I'm not sure. I think there is a lot of "useless" items that you can craft. Everything seems to be for selling in convoys, not for your own use.
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