Environmental kills

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User Info: stantonphl

5 years ago#1
I'm hoping somebody can explain this to me. I have walked to enemies leaning against walls, I have just stood next to them in Wolfpack, waiting for the perfect time to focus kill, I have ran into them, and everything has on-again, off-again given me an environmental kill. Is there a definitive way to get these, or is it just pure luck?

User Info: Mr_Lightbulb

5 years ago#2
what do you mean you have walked enemies leaning against the walls?

basically you get one when they are near a wall or table.
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User Info: GaMiNg eLiTe

GaMiNg eLiTe
5 years ago#3
Thinking back to mine, I think they've been non-running Discreet/Reckless kills. I doubt you'd get environmental animations while Silent, since Silent kills are supposed to be advantageous (quick and subtle, whereas environmental kills are loud, obvious, and slow).
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User Info: stantonphl

5 years ago#4

Exactly like it says. I've had my targets in Wolfpack lean against the walls at some points, and sometimes when I walk up to them and hit X I just stab them...and sometimes, randomly, the kill animation will have my guy spinning the target around and bashing his face against the bricks of the wall. Not that hard to understand.

Back to the question at hand, what is the definitive way to 100% get an environmental kill, because I have tried multiple method, and in all cases it'll either do it or do just a standard kill animation. I have yet to find a way to approach a target, hit X, and ALWAYS get an environmental kill. Hence why I'm asking for help.

User Info: stantonphl

5 years ago#5

I will experiment that method in a bit, thank you for the lead though ^_^

User Info: Deadmeat20

5 years ago#6
I've had environmental stuns that involve using weapons that I haven't got equipped. I mean I was leaning up against a wall by an ax, and when I stunned my Pursuer my character slammed the hilt of the ax into his stomach. And you know those times when your character produces a random beer mug? There was one time when I stunned my pursuer by smashing that mug against his head.

This game still surprises me sometimes.
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