Anyone else see similarities to MGS4? (spoilers)

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  3. Anyone else see similarities to MGS4? (spoilers)

User Info: gna647

5 years ago#1
Solid Snake = Connor
Big Boss = His dad
Liquid Ocelot = Charles Lee
More cutscenes compared to the rest of the series.
Templar trying to establish control in the colonies = Guns of the Patriots

User Info: catsimboy

5 years ago#2
The Templar targets= The B and Bs
Samuel Adams= Kazuhira MIller
Paul Revere=Paz

User Info: jenova

5 years ago#3
Guys this thing is like an anime thing I saw this one time check it out.
Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh; fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding a simple ending without DLC...

User Info: samurai_sword

5 years ago#4
Ill say it again:

Connor / Luke
Achilles / Yoda
Haytham / Vader

plot points:

Fledgling bad ass! seeks Wise and dieing bad ass! last of a great order.
Tossed into the middle of a war, sides with the rebels.
A quest to rebuild an lost order.
confrontation of your father. Who is an enemy of your order, tries to convince you to Join him, And trys to kill you more then once.
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  3. Anyone else see similarities to MGS4? (spoilers)

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