Why can't anyone spell Connor's name right?

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  3. Why can't anyone spell Connor's name right?

User Info: Blackphant

4 years ago#1
Connor, not conner. Seriously, it's not that hard.
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User Info: alphaaltair

4 years ago#2
I always thought it was 'Corner'?
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Surely you meant 'Coroner'.
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User Info: xstrudel

4 years ago#4
There was this one time the Turians tried to wipe out our entire race. That was fun.

User Info: VirtuousKing

4 years ago#5
R.I.P. Junk Bludgeo'd For Hammer, But Always In Our Hearts. 176 Damage, Nevar Forget.

User Info: gtarocker

4 years ago#6
Cheaters always deny its cheating

User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#7
VirtuousKing posted...

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User Info: Dr_Mojo

4 years ago#8
Con Air?

User Info: OniLordAsmodeus

4 years ago#9
LAMO @ this thread...
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User Info: JackApostrophe

4 years ago#10
I think it's Ratonhnhake:ton, with an accent on the e.
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  3. Why can't anyone spell Connor's name right?

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