Altair vs Connor vs Ezio

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User Info: majinbuu58

4 years ago#41
rx54 posted...

Yes. He would not have been beloved and idolized by all assassin's that they would have made him a leader when he was so young, and then even when he is 80 years old they still respected him so much they helped him overthrow their current leader to replace him with and 80 YEAR OLD Altair.

That's how beloved he was, even though he was so old he couldn't even run they still wanted him to be their leader, and much of what we never saw him do is still documented.
He had the biggest impact on the order out of any Assassin ever.
He saved it from corruption TWICE, going against the ways of 2 corrupted leaders of the Assassin's in his time.

Then Altair meets with Niccolo Polo to give him information to help Ezio find the keys to his library, where he had left an Apple in store for Ezio

It is without a doubt Altair did more for the order than any other Assassin, it's all documented within the animus databases throughout the series, even though we didn't get to see every single thing that he did.

He was regarded by all of his Assassin peers as the most highly skilled Assassin to ever live, and continues on as a legend. Ezio even looked up to Altair throughout all his installments as he was an idol, and Ezio wanted to follow in his footsteps.

This is the reasoning for my decision.
Altair is the most legendary Assassin to have ever lived for a reason.

None of these things attribute to his fighting skills. Leaders are loved for good decisions and leadership abilities. I don't see anyone saying "Lol abraham lincoln was the best marksman of his time because he freed the slaves"
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User Info: Shah138

4 years ago#42
I think having an entire army of assassin's praising Altair for his skill is quite suffice for my argument however.

If you were comparing Altair against someone else from his time period then I'd agree with you, but we aren't.
Shah138 posted...
All the things i've said that he has done involve combat

Sure, but I'm asking for specific combat achievements which you must know if you are to say he's a skilled fighter.

He's usually regarded in all the series as the ultimate master assassin, that should be quite clear that he is probably the best at what he does.

Times change, and so do Assassins.

I'll say this part again. Ezio even knows he is not as good as Altair.

Okay, but what about Connor?

Connor's fighting style is most likely very different from anything Altair or Ezio had ever seen.

I don't remember seeing any dual wielding specialists in the other games. To add to that, Connor has also been stated by the devs to have greater physical strength. While injured he was also able to beat Haytham, another exceptionally skilled fighter.

..Well for starters, I never saw Haytham do ANYTHING exceptional in combat. He spends his time getting his ass kicked when you hang out with him, and he does very little in the beginning of the game.

That aside, it's less that Connor won because he was talented, and more due to plot stupidity. I mean, choking someone with both hands when you know they have a hidden blade? Are you kidding me? No one is that stupid.
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User Info: airsoft246

4 years ago#44
Im voting for Connor primarily because of my expectations for the older him. Connor has more brutal kills, superior weaponry, and is far faster. Now, Altair and his accomplishments are primarily off screen, and with Ezio also claiming he can be nothing like Altair, its to be understood he is a "legendary figure" character and agreed upon in story as the best. Altair is CURRENTLY the top fighter, but Connor is the way he is at somewhere around the age of 20? Id even say he's far more advanced than Ezio when Ezio was at a similar age. Therefore, in the AC3 sequels to come, I can see Connor becoming a powerhouse.
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User Info: mo5h3rman

4 years ago#45
Is the pole about being a better assassin or better fighter? All your (TC) reasons support Altair being the best Assassin, however the pole asks who is the better fighter. As a fighter, Connor is the best, then Ezio, then Altair. As an assassin, the order is reversed. Altair was much more concerned about stealth and placing himself in a position to ensure success BEFORE a fight whereas Connor (although planned somewhat) was all about charging in head-on and basically forced himself to become an expert, resilient fighter. Head-to-Head: Connor (maybe Ezio) but as assassins: Altair.

The only (okay not only...) reason Ezio is winning is because people like him the best therefore they automatically vote for him (again, generalizing).
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User Info: crimsonomen7

4 years ago#46
Connor is faster and more powerful in combat. Plus you really cant throw in "at their prime" in there because Connor is not there yet. Connor was more gifted at combat at a younger age than both.

User Info: airsoft246

4 years ago#47
Also, Altair and Ezio exist in times where Assassins are a considerable force, Connor is rebuilding it from scratch. In an eerily similar way to how Star Wars plays out...
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User Info: xoak73

4 years ago#48
Altair with a sword. Ezio with hidden blades. Connor with a hatchet.

Honestly you can't honestly know. Ezio and Connor have many more fighting styles. So depends on what weapon. At this point ezio because Connor is assumingly going to be much better if he gets a second game.
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User Info: shababboss

4 years ago#49
Ezio and Connor are the best assassin of their time, Altair is the best assassin of ALL time.

even Ubisoft stated how godly Altair really is. people here also seem to agree, but how the **** does ezio gets more vote....

User Info: rx54

4 years ago#50
shababboss posted...
Ezio and Connor are the best assassin of all time, Altair is the best assassin of ALL time.

even Ubisoft stated how godly Altair really is. people here also seem to agree, but how the **** does ezio gets more vote....

Because he was the primary character for 3 of the 5 main games :/
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