Haytham you fool spoilers

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User Info: gtarocker

5 years ago#1
Connors tribe had an apple of Eden and he had the key!

Obviously first civ didn't want this to happen but what if he did open it?
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User Info: Deadmeat20

5 years ago#2
The first civilization said that if Hatham opened the door, the land would be destabilized and Connor's village destroyed. I wonder if it meant an earthquake or something entirely different.
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User Info: Kureejii Lea

Kureejii Lea
5 years ago#3
It wasn't an actual Apple of Eden. It's a similar item, but it serves a different purpose. That's why it looked like glass rather than gold.
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User Info: dillpickle69

5 years ago#4
He had the key to the door inside the temple but the the apple, which opened the outside door.
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User Info: Slayerslug

5 years ago#5
Conner's tribe had some kind of glass orb that allowed Juno to communicate with whoever touches it, not a apple.
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