Regarding Stockpile Glitch

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User Info: sadewa

5 years ago#1
Need confirmation if this is the problem.
After sometimes, i can not purchase anything in stockpile so I'm stuck with crafting, mainly because later in the game most of crafting need mineral. Last night when i got bored playing AC III, i tried to count all my item (stockpile + crafting item) and all of them reach 1000 item. When i sell them through convoy and then i count them all again and reach around 900 i can buy any type of material again.
O.o Did they limit for the item (not conor item) to only 1000 item >.<

User Info: EvilJawless

5 years ago#2
I know I can't buy anything if i'm at 10 of a particular item, even if it's currently in a convoy
Oodles of Poodles

User Info: jaded_fox

5 years ago#3
Same thing happened to me... I'll have to go in and count what I have, but if there is a hard cap of stockpile inventory, that would do it...
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