PLEASE HELP!! "FInd Captain Kidd's Symbol"

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  3. PLEASE HELP!! "FInd Captain Kidd's Symbol"

User Info: streetvan1997

4 years ago#1
there are four of those symbol puzzles and the first attempt it was working fine, when i lined the symbols up they would lock and I could move onto the next one. now the two that you climb the tree's wont lock into place? what the f is happening , its making me so mad.

User Info: VirtuousKing

4 years ago#2
Watch this guys video:

If you line up the symbol like he does it should work. If it still doesn't work, you got glitched.
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User Info: SteelTooth

4 years ago#3
Without knowing how to properly explain it, you may have the symbols turned the wrong way.

You said you got the first two to lock into place, but the others are a little trickier in that the objects are arranged in a close enough fashion that it's not apparent that the symbol is upside-down or rotated at a wrong angle.

Thankfully, the timer gives you enough time to mes around a bit.
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User Info: angeloglorioso

4 years ago#4
I had this problem and it frustrated the crap out of me. It is glitched but it is very fixable. Simply exit the memory and then reload the memory. If you fail any stage of this mission, exit the memory again.
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User Info: thaflu

4 years ago#5
Restart the game and it should work fine. The first part of this mission (before you jump in the pit) is the most gltched piece of crap I have played in a while.
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  3. PLEASE HELP!! "FInd Captain Kidd's Symbol"

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