Sword vs Tomahawk

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User Info: LitCandlez

5 years ago#1
Sword vs Tomahawk - Results (196 votes)
30.1% (59 votes)
69.9% (137 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: dragonflie666

5 years ago#2
Tomahawk was way awesome to use, and it fits Connor's style.
Seeing him use a sword while still having his 'predator' stance is a odd sight

User Info: gadragod

5 years ago#3
Eh, I like to feel the assassin's out and then decide how to play according to my interpretation of their personalities. I felt that Connor was a shock and awe, fierce combatant that combined speed with strength, so the tomahawk just kind of felt natural. Plus, it looks cool with the passive flourish that he does.

Altair - sword
Ezio- hidden blades (with a little sword fighting)
Connor- tomahawk

User Info: Nolax

5 years ago#4
Tomahawk sucked, i mean it takes so many hits to kill an enemy and sometimes the attack string goes on for way too long, the sword is quick and deadly.
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User Info: ajkuras

5 years ago#5
Neither. Hidden blades all the way.
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User Info: reyray0709

5 years ago#6
Tomahawk and it's not even close.
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User Info: G-Scythe

5 years ago#7
Tomahawk is cooler but the sword is much more efficient
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User Info: JenniferTate

5 years ago#8
Unarmed and disarming is how Connor rolls.
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User Info: Planescaped

5 years ago#9
AlkalineKitten posted...
Unarmed and disarming is how Connor rolls.

This is how both my Ezio and Conner roll, and how my AC4 character will as well.

I know it's odd, but I find it difficult to wantonly kill these people, many of whom have done nothing wrong.

Unless I'm walking down the street minding my own business and they shove me onto the ground... then they're getting a hatchet to the face... >__>
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User Info: THE_JOKE_KING33

5 years ago#10
I greatly prefer the sword.
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