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User Info: William Birkin

William Birkin
4 years ago#1
So, what's up with the real world? I feel as if people aren't interacting nearly as much as they did in the previous games. Every sequence I hop out and try to talk and NOBODY has anything to say (plus it does a poor job of keeping track of which e-mails I've already read.)

I figured, y'know, MAYBE people would have something to say after the whole "early big reveal" part, but, nope, nothing. Is this normal? I keep getting paranoid that my dialogue is glitched and I'm missing stuff.
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User Info: zenandi

4 years ago#2
They couldn't be a**ed to write something generic and meh just to give the fetchquests some context.

And you're expecting more? I wouldn't...

User Info: MustBeAFatChick

4 years ago#3
I'm surprised you didn't expect sh**** dialogue, considering all you ever hear is "you have my everlasting gratitude" out of everyone you approach.

Why would you think they would bother adding a ton more in that portion of the game?

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#4
There is actually a lot of dialogue between the present characters. You unlock more as you go along.
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