AC 4 would have had an awesome setting if Desmond didn't an hero

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  3. AC 4 would have had an awesome setting if Desmond didn't an hero

User Info: SinisterSamurai

4 years ago#11
bobbyrk posted...
AC Initiates posted a picture of two Avbstergo agents in the cave carrying a loaded body bag, and leaving behind Desmond's blade and backpack.

That's a lot of trouble to go to simply to recover a body. HMMMMMMMMMMMM.
As for the rest, whatever. Devs say crap all the time. I remember when Halo was supposed to be finished at 2.

And there's definitely no reason to name an Inn the Mile's End. No reason to suggest to weary travelers that they've reached an end to a several-miles-long journey.

Maybe Desmond is dead. If so, oh well. There'll be more games anyway. Or maybe the devs were really trying new tricks to trick you into thinking Desmond is actually dead.

Like I said:
*Main Character
*Stuff to do
*Undefined cause of death.
It's still very easy to write around that, whether the devs intend Desmond to be gone or not.
I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

User Info: PAndrews

4 years ago#12
And even without that, you had developer statements from as far back as October 2011 saying AC3 would end his story.

Developers also stated Ezio would get 1 game, then they added 2 games due to his popularity. Statements mean absolutely nothing and can be changed completely to suit fanbase and make more money

They literally showed 2 methods that Desmond could have survived, yet left a lifeless body behind (First Civilization had made a method to extract a person from their body and Subject 16 uploaded his brain in the Animus) within the game (and they didn't even properly explain what Desmond did or what other "save the world" attempts were there) and nobody actually checked and claimed his body as dead. Desmond just dropped to the floor and it ended (just like in Brotherhood). Desmond also should have gone crazy and died from the Bleeding Effect, yet he overcame that too, so just because they say something should kill him doesn't make it a fact until someone grabs his dead body and says he's dead and gone (which didn't happen)

In other words, the Developers intentionally made it so that they can bring him back if they want to, or leave him dead depending on the reactions. So until the next game has a different lead character and its flat-out stated he died IN-GAME its still possible for his return.

They can repeat the Revelations storyline and again have it focus on Desmond getting his body back by finishing off Conner's life. Then make AC4 about a new Assassin, or indeed make AC4 hundreds of years in the future with a decendent playing as Desmond to find out how he saved the world after reclaiming his body.
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  3. AC 4 would have had an awesome setting if Desmond didn't an hero

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