Achievement glitches?

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User Info: maximo

4 years ago#1
I just picked this up, was wondering if there are any achievement problems i.e them not popping.

Given the problems I had with the last game jsut thought I would ask.


User Info: FatalFragger

4 years ago#2
I am missing two. Completion it's ones. I haven't had any trouble. Idk if there is DLC yet, but if so I haven't gotten it so idk about those.

User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#3
They did have a problem with that scanning of the homestead people, which I believe they patched and fixed. The only other thing is you have to listen to a few conversations with Washington and someone here said that one of those is during story progress, sequence 10 I think he said, and you can't reload that section later. I don't know if that's true or not. I recall the part he was talking about, there's a speech icon right there beside you so it would be very hard to miss.
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User Info: micca

4 years ago#4
You can reload that mission, I just did the other night.
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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#5
There are two of them, one in sequence 9 I think at a battle site. That one you can redo. The other was inside the Whitehouse I think.
My mad face and my happy face are the same.

User Info: maximo

4 years ago#6
thanks guys

I remember spending so much time trying to get all the books on the last game and it didnt pop...

IT was really frustrating given the fact I had to grind for it.

There was also another one too but I can't recall exactly what it was.

Just can be frustrating :/

User Info: Rubedo_URTV_666

4 years ago#7
There are 3 other major glitches I heard about, although I think only 1 can effect an achievement.

1. Dual Holster Glitch - I don't know if they fixed this yet, but there is some glitch with this about everytime you fast travel, you lose your second gun, and have to go to a shop to requip it.

2. Convoy Permanently Under Attack Glitch - When you send your Convoy's to other towns to sell your stuff, something it comes under attack, and you arn't given the option to save it (via Assassin or yourself), and no matter how much time passes, it will never become available for use again. Thus making you forever lose a Convoy. I solved this with the Cloud Save function. Just make a Cloud Save data before you do any major selling. If you notice one of your Convoys comes under attack (and you ARN'T given the choice to rescue them), then you can just reload your Cloud Save from right before the transactions and try again.

3. Special Crafting Ingot Glitch - This is the one that can effect your achievements. In order to get 100%, you have to craft a lot of stuff. Now, the rare things you have to craft have a special ingrediant. I think they are called Special Ingot or something (don't have the game with me and can't remember the exact name, but you would know them if you saw them). I know that you get half the amount you need from doing the Homestead quests (specifically those involving the Huntress and Miner). However, those quests only become available at certain points in the game, and as you recruit and complete other people's Homestead quests.

However, the other half of the Special Ingots comes from a box hidden behind Achilles house. It is right behind the barn, over the edge of the cliff, on a small rock face that is about a 4th of the way down (other people can help you with better instructions if you can't find it). Now, the Glitch is that some people say they never got the Ingots from the chest. Now, granted, the chest regenerates it's contents everytime you leave the Homestead (you need to leave the entire area, like to the Frontier or another town). And the contents do seem to vary depending on your storyline progression. Even so, some people claim to have never received the Ingots. I on the other hand, got them every time. I never got a message telling me I got the Ingots, it always said I got something else (some worthless item I usually already had), but the Ingots still appeared in my inventory.

And without those Ingots, there is a lot of rare one time items you can't craft. I think a few are required for a completion achievement. I don't know if they fixed this problem or not, but those are the only 3 I know of.
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