This game - in my opinion - is boring

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  3. This game - in my opinion - is boring

User Info: th3warr1or

4 years ago#21
Agreed. Worst AC yet.
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User Info: Sesheenku

4 years ago#22
Yeah this forum hit the nail on the head. This game doesn't live up to previous AC's and it's a bore to play. They broke all the basics in this game. New York and Boston are practically the same (Yeah I KNOW it's realistic but c'mon... couldn't we visit another state entirely away from the war?) The free running is more finicky than ever, the combat is mind numbingly simple... Press counter and you have time to make yourself a toasted sandwich, come back and still be able to select your counter action. Oh and worst of all the guards that can spot you from around a corner and behind a giant building, which as someone stated makes the roof tops unreliable which in turn ruins the feel of the games. Not to mention the war is the main focus so screw assassinations it's all about stopping the british.. 5 main assassination targets is INEXCUSABLE.

This was simply a terrible choice for a setting. If two of your cities look exactly alike then don't bother with that setting it's just gonna make it tedious. The frontier is nice to explore but it's not gonna add endless hours of gameplay. I don't mind when they make more than one city cause they've done it right before but the cities have to be different in looks.. and this particular time period doesn't allow for that.
All I know is they better make the 4th game blow me away and it better bring back a more familiar feel cause this one dropped the ball.

This entire thread needs to be sent to the developers. I don't see a single opinion here I disagree with.
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User Info: gobuffalo30

4 years ago#23
I didn't pay too close of attention to the details in the game prior to release but I was hoping for more than just Boston and New York. I was expecting to go to Philadelphia, Charleston, etc.
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  3. This game - in my opinion - is boring

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