Sequence 7 ... How do i Air assinate a grenader with out being detected?

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User Info: HELLWOLF06

4 years ago#1
how do i plant bomb in middle of ship wih out being detected?

i tried to air assassinate a grenader except i dont know what the hell a grenader looks like and 2 all the guards are in sight of each other and in groups of three so killing one or double killing 2 auto make me detected

and planting the explosive thing on one of the boats i wall stabbed a guy into the ocean waited for other patrolling guy to walk past me i ran on deck and i got noticed well i was in middle of planting / jumping off the boat and swimming to safety

i full synched the rest of this sequence but this part with the boats .-.
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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#2
For starters, wall grab one or two guys. If you get spotted doing this when nobody was looking it could be a glitch in the game which may requires restarting the chapter. For the boat on the right I think you only need to kill one guy, maybe even zero, the key there is climbing from the middle of the boat on the rear side and simply walking up to light it, then walking back and jumping into the water. Timed right, nobody can see you in time. For the boat on the left, there's a guy patrolling in a circle at the far left, climb up behind him and kill him. The grenadier doing his rounds will magically see the body. As he comes around the stack of boxes quickly climb up and air assassinate. You are jumping from low enough that the guys at the front of the boat don't hear it. Then you're home free.
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User Info: HELLWOLF06

4 years ago#3
on both boats theres people on back and front of boat tho
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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#4
HELLWOLF06 posted...
on both boats theres people on back and front of boat tho

If they are standing facing the city they are not a concern. If they walk to a ledge, grab them. The rest you can climb onto the boat so long and be fine so long as you don't get in their line of sight or jump from too high. I did this objective fully without killing everyone on boat boats, and barely killing anyone on the right boat.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

4 years ago#5
1) Grenadiers are the big guys with the kilts, the axe, and the fancy hat.

2) When I was playing, I ran across an AI bug during the boat sequence. The AI had an unusually high awareness of their surroundings if I used the "revert to checkpoint" or "Die, and the game reverts you to checkpoint" feature during the boat sequence.

You can legitimately pick the guards off one by one. However, if you're experiencing the same AI bug, Air Assassinating, Ledge Assassinating, Corner Assassinating, or just plain Assassinating in any way will get you detected no matter how careful you are.

The only way around the bug that I found? Quit the Memory and then begin it again with the escort guy. Follow the guy on the horse, skip the speech cutscene, run through the exploding town, and then kill everyone on the boats carefully (and correctly, getting the air-assassinate on the grenadier) in one go, without reverting to checkpoint.
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User Info: Zimmygunnar

4 years ago#6
Climb up the nets on the sides of the ship and shoot everybody but the grenadier with your bow once you get to the top
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User Info: Grand_Blue

4 years ago#7
Just watch this video, it's hard to explain:

To the people who made this level and made getting full sync on this level super hard: **** YOU, stupid game designers, getting paid to piss people off
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User Info: PAndrews

4 years ago#8
How I did it:

While making sure the Grenadier is looking the other way:
- Ledge kill the two guards at the front of the boat who are walking solo near the edge (so not the 2 standing together),
- Then climb to the back and hide behind the crates and corner kill the guard who is walking in circles
- Then climb back up at the front of the boat and stealth double kill the two guards
- Climb the mast and air assinate the Grenadier.

For the other boat just climb on board, walk up to people and stealth double kill them all (they are al in groups of two and just standing still)

User Info: assassin2568

4 years ago#9
i just climb the mast and snipe everyone with the bow the assassinate the granader
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#10
There are certain places you can get screwed on, being detected when you shouldn't.

Since the right hand bost (as you spawn at the checkpoint) is easier, and the left one has the secondary objective I'd suggest going for the left one first. I'll use directions assuming you're starting from the checkpoint.
Go "behind" the boat as it were and clinb up the side, go to the right (not left) gap in the guard wall and wait for the skinny guard to walk to it and turn away from you. Wait for the big Grenadeer (big guy in a kilt) to walk past before pulling him off the boat.

Now, shimmy all the way left till you get to the guy at the bow of the ship hanging out by himself. Climb up so thay you are *below* the hand rail and *pull him off using your fists*. I found using the hidden blade got me caught way more often. If the two guys in front of him don't move, you've done it right. If you climb too far up the rail they turn around as soon as you drag him over the edge.

With him gone, shimmy all the way right again and wait for a good moment to take out the guy who walks in a circle at the aft where the wheel is. Once you've killed him with the hidden blade, leap overboard and wait it out. I was of a mindset that a discovered body = alarms go off. I forgot a dead body in Assassins Creed is just really boring for the guards and it doesn't phase them at all.

Now you just have the two guys left and your target grenadeer. Climb up the boat again but this time hang below the left gap in the guard wall and have your poison dart equipped. Once the grenadeer moves away, climb up, target either guy and zap him with a dart then leap into the water. Wait for everything to calm down and the coast to be clear, climb up and hidden blade the last guy and leap back into the water.

Now the grenadeer is the last guy. Take your time, climb up on the boxes when he's on the other side and pounce on him. Now set the charge and swim to the other boat.

the second boat, as I said, is much easier but you still need to be careful. Again go behind the boat relative to the checkpoint and climb up. There's one guy walking around at the bow, one guy walking around in a big circle in the middle and three groups of 2. you only need to kill the guy in the middle, but get your timing right before pulling him off the ship, make sure the guy at the bow hasn't stopped his walk and is looking right at the guy or all your hard work will be for nothing. Once he's taken care of, time your run with the guy at the bow, climb up and just walk calmly up to the spot to set up us the bomb, make sure they have no chance, make your time and then all their ships are belong to you.
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