The quality of the game goes straight to hell in sequence 7. Does it get better?

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  3. The quality of the game goes straight to hell in sequence 7. Does it get better?

User Info: HELLWOLF06

4 years ago#11
i ledge assinated many times and then tried walk to middle of deck and plant bomb

all guards then detect me during the cutscene of planting the bomb
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User Info: Sesheenku

4 years ago#12
No the game doesn't get better.

The games not harder it's just that the fundamentals of stealth are BROKEN.
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User Info: Solis_Invictus

4 years ago#13
Aaaaaaand now I'm replaying a mission in Sequence 9, where I did not get synch credit for staying out of the hay cart... even though I didn't even touch it. I'm also trying to figure out how to get a recruit in NY - I completed all the liberation missions except the finale, the game says the region is liberated, but I never got the new assassin. Great job, guys. This is really disappointing - the game seemed really smooth up until about the halfway point.

User Info: ResidentialEvil

4 years ago#14
This game is by far the buggiest game in the series, and as was said, yes the game doesn't abide by the given rules we've come to expect. I don't hate the game, but this is the first AC game I'm not wanting to do all the single player stuff 100%.
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User Info: Coontemptus

4 years ago#15
Panzerscrap posted...
Coontemptus posted...

Things always made noise in AC games.

Even though this game is a buggy mess sometimes, 99% of the time the enemies are very predictable and they do the exact same thing every time. There is no time limit on this mission. You can experiment all you want, you can climb up and just shoot everyone with the bow if you wish. You can throw a poison dart and sprint in during the commotion. You can slowly dart the 3 guys who give you trouble if you wait for them to start pathing again. There are a million ways to do this mission, try different things and see what works for you.

And my 8 year old son thought AC3 was easy, he only died a few times completing the game straight though. Trust me, its ALL easy.

Once again, not arguing easy. I found the game to be the easiest of the series by far, and synced all the missions I started at 100%, though admittedly lost interest after beating the story and didn't go back.

Let me illustrate my previous point with an example: In AC, AC2, ACB, and ACR, you can ledge grab a guard without alerting nearby guards as long as thier backs were turned. In AC3, you can sometimes do this. I've ledge grabbed a guy on a boat where the entire ship immediately knew, restarted the mission, performed the same move and it worked fine. I've climbed a mast or tree in a restricted area, stood in what had previously been a safe area only to have all guards stop, gather and stare at me indefinitely without raising alarm, seeing what I am doing but being outside the minimum range for an alarm to sound. Stuff like this are quality issues. No one is saying they find this game hard.

If you mean the two front guards, they are literally standing on the sound range for grabbing a guard.

Yes, this game is a buggy mess, as I said.

And going for 100% sync really highlights many of the bugs.
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  3. The quality of the game goes straight to hell in sequence 7. Does it get better?

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