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Tips on completing hunting map?

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User Info: LazerLXXVII2

4 years ago#1
This is one of the last major parts that I have left to get the completionist achievement. Seems rather difficult and kind of hard to keep track of. Does anyone have any advice?

User Info: LancetJades

4 years ago#2
Use a list of animals in each area. I or someone else can post it if you want.

Learn what animal each symbol is. Use completed regions + the list to so this.

Some have difficult entries. Lexington and Concord have annoying entries. For places with cougars, search on rocks or in certain places, as they are rare.

Check different sections of each region, as that seems to affect animals found. Sometimes a particular animal will only be found in, say, the southeast section of that region. Beavers are found around freshwater rivers.

If you find a clue about an animal you haven't seen in that region, it will add the animal to your map, the same as if you killed it. This helps with foxes in Lexington (look in the eastern tip of the region).
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User Info: GeoMaggs

4 years ago#3

User Info: LazerLXXVII2

4 years ago#4
Actually wasn't too difficult at all, thanks for the advice guys!

Now to collect all chests and feathers and I am 100% DONE!
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  3. Tips on completing hunting map?

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